Casey, James

Cards: Upper Deck 2009 Star Rookies
Acquired: TTM, Texans Blitz 2009
See Also: Casey, James (2) 

The Texans take tight ends like they are going out of style. After a holdout of ProBowl tightend Owen Daniels, the Texans went to the draft in 2009 took not one but 2 tight ends. James Casey went to hometown Rice where he played under the shadow of the Houston Texans. James had an amazing senior season as a h-back making a mind boggling 111 receptions (10th all time) and 57 carries. He’d parlay that effort into a 5th round choice from the Houston Texans where he’d immediately become a media darling.  He’s had some flashes of brilliance in the preseason, but with 4-5 tight ends on the roster, he’s only received a limited number of touches in 2 seasons.

A really popular local product, James has some really nice cards. I hope to be able to get a few more of his autographed in the future.

G/Gs 31/4      Rec   14     Yds  162   Avg 11.6     Td 0    Lg 33