Elkins, Mike

Card: Proset WLAF 1991
Acquired: In Person 1992, Houston Oilers Training Camp

Mike Elkins went to Wake Forest, where he raised the Demon Deacons from the dead. His impressive play allowed him to parlay his game into the 34th pick, (near the top of the second round) for the Kansas City Chiefs. The 1989 draft was an incredible draft, and Elkins was thought to perhaps be the quarterback of the future for the team. He’d be the second quarterback taken off the board after Troy Aikman (who went #1 overall), but after Aikman, the only names that came off the board that year that was worth mentioning at quarterback was Detroit quarterback Rodney Peete and San Diego draftee Billy Joe Tolliver. In fact, combining all the statistics of the quarterbacks in that draft, does not even come close to Aikman’s final numbers. In essence this draft- despite the names that came out had one Super Bowl winning quarterback and two journeymen. That is really it.

Elkins was the consensus number two by scouts, with his strong arm, quick release, and intelligence that impressed the scouts. Yet the view of him that emerged was of a raw talent from a small school, and an enthusiastic kid who toiled in two different offensive schemes—pro-style, followed by the option—during the four seasons he played at Wake. Elkins attempted 2 passes in his NFL career throwing one for a pick. He would be cut after the 1990 season.

He’d sign with the WLAF playing for the Sacramento Surge in 1991 in a quarterback rotation with Ben Bennett. Mike had a relatively decent season for the team throwing for 13 touchdowns on 312 attempts. This would be the highlight of his professional football career. After his lone season in the WLAF, Elkins signed with the Cleveland Browns where he played 1 season, before the Oilers signed him in 1992 where I got his autograph on his WLAF card at training camp. He never attempted another pass in the NFL.

Although not drafted in the 1st round, many consider Elkins’ career a bust because of his lofty rating behind Troy Aikman and his high second round card. Elkins at last glance since football has a small band and lives in Central Texas.

Att 312   Comp 153   Yds 2068   Pct 49%
Td 13     Int 13     Rat 67.1   Lg  60t