Jones, Cedric

Card: Score 1990
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oilers Training Camp 1991

Cedric Jones was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 1982 draft. A dependable receiver with soft hands, Jones played 9 seasons for the Patriots, before he was signed Plan B by the Oilers attempting to find more wide receivers that would fit the Run and Shoot mold. A prized team player who could play all four wide receiver positions Cedric was very proud of his time with the Patriots and has fond memories of the team’s run to Super Bowl XX.  I got Cedric’s autograph at training camp at Trinity in San Antonio that year. He was walking off the field by himself and I was probably the only person who recognized him. He mumbled something to me about liking the football card and exchanged pleasantries with me before making his way off the field.

An avid history buff, Jones since retirement has found himself managing over the NFL’s Youth Football offices and at one point Cedric was part of a radio broadcast team and also as a financial consultant. Currently he’s Director of Athletics for the New York Athletic Club and on the board of “Beyond the Boroughs” scholarship fund. He continues to follow the Patriots while he raises his family and participates actively in charitable causes and speaking engagements.

G/Gs  120/37     Rec 191     Yds 2703   Avg 14.2    Td 16    Lg  65