Jones, Henry

Card: Action Packed Rookies 1991
Acquired: TTM, C/o The Buffalo Bills 1992

The 1991 draft was considered in retrospect a fairly stellar draft class for defensive backs. A run in the first ensured that Henry Jones would be the 6th DB off the boards in that round with the 20th pick.  Among the notables taken ahead of Jones were Eric Turner, Todd Lyght and Stanley Richard. (After Jones Aeneas Williams, Merton Hanks, Todd Scott, and Darryll Lewis would all come off the board.) In the end Jones was right where he should.  Although Henry didn’t have a breakout rookie season, his sophomore season would be one for the ages. 1992 would be his AP season. He’d pull down 8 picks for 263 yards including 2 touchdowns- one of them he returned 82 yards for the score. By 1993 teams began to avoid Henry skulking about in the secondary, he did however have a return for 85 yards and a touchdown. By 1995 injuries started impacting Henry’s playing time and most of his 1996 was marred by injury. He’d return in 1997 starting 15 games. In 1998 he’d add an additional 3 picks, and in his final season with the Bills, Jones would have 2 more interceptions and a touchdown, giving him 4 for his career. His 2001 season would be spent with the Minnesota Vikings while a final season in 2002 would be set in stone with the Falcons. Henry’s interception to touchdown ratio for the amount of games played and interceptions made is impressive but aren’t considered exceptional when compared to the top defensive backs in league history, even though there are some players who have made twice as many interceptions but have half as few touchdown returns.

G/Gs 158/134    Tac  585     Sac   5    Fum 7   Int 18    Yds 455   Avg  25.3   Td  4    Lg 85T