Myles, Godfrey (1968-2011)

Cards: ProSet 1991, StarPics 1991
Acquired: In Person 1991, 1992, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

Godfrey Myles was drafted in the 3rd round of the 1991 draft by the Dallas Cowboys, who considered linebacker a budget position. A poor man’s guide selection running up before the draft, Myles played elephant (safety linebacker) in the Florida defense and was team captain. Unsure of his true position- Godfrey, (6-1, 245) like Darren Woodson was a hybrid safety who had the size, speed and strength to play outside linebacker. The Cowboys would move him to linebacker where he’d play for the Cowboys providing valuable depth and special teams skills. 1995 would be his season, as he’d come in and start 11 games, making 55 tackles, FF, and a pick. Surpringly fast and agile for his size, and relatively cheap, Myles would win 3 SuperBowl rings before he ruptured his Achilles in SuperBowl XXX. The Dolphins attempted to lure Myles out to play for them in 1997 under Jimmy Johnson, but he opted to sign with the Denver Broncos instead.  He would be cut before the season began and retire soon thereafter, possibly due to lingering effects from his Achilles injury.

I got Godfrey’s autograph in training camp on his StarPics and ProSet cards. Godfrey had some really great cards. I missed out on his Stadium Club card and his Fleer Ultra card, (as I’ve always been slightly partial to orange anyway), but regardless his ProSet card is a great profile card, and his StarPics seems to highlight his unusual build.

G/Gs 76/11     Tac 111      Sac 0     Fum 1      Int 2     Yds 28     Avg 14.0       Td 0    lg 15

UPDATE 06/11/2011 Sadly, on Wednesday, June 8th Godfrey Myles suffered a massive stroke in Miami, Florida and passed away the next day. He was just 42.