Nagle, Browning

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1991, Action Packed Rookies 1992, Pro Set Platinum 1992, GameDay 1992
Acquired: In Person 1993, CGA Youth Golf Tournament

“And with the 34th pick in the 1991 NFL draft, The New York Jets select: Browning Nagle, Quarterback, Louisville.”  Perhaps most notably known as the pick right after Brett Favre, Browning Nagle comes from a long line of NFL drafted quarterbacks from Louisville, KY. The team went quarterback surprisingly, (despite a glaring need for defense,) enchanted by Nagle’s strength and velocity on the ball. After a quiet rookie season on the bench learning the ropes behind Ken O’Brien, Nagle would step into the starting lineup for the Jets in 1992. In 14 games he’d throw 7 touchdowns and for 2280 yards, but he’d turn the ball over 29 times (12 fumbles and 17 interceptions). When Boomer Esiason arrived the following season Nagle headed back to the bench where after the 1993 season I’d meet him at the CGA Youth Golf Tournament and get his autograph. In 1994, he’d sign with the Colts and finish out his 1995 and 1996 on the Falcons.  After sitting out 1997 and 1998 Nagle would play two seasons in the Arena leagues, for the Predators (1999) and Buffalo Destroyers (2000) before retiring from football. His two seasons in the AFL were pretty good in respect to his NFL work. (553 att, 303 comp, 54.8%, 4120 yards, 74 td, 18 int, 98.6 rat)

In one of my fonder moments on the first day of the CGA Youth Golf Tournament in 1993,  I met Billy Joe Tolliver, Browning Nagle and Steve Bartkowski on the course. They liked my likenesses I drew of them so much they signed everything I had of them. We talked football for a few minutes and I rode around on the course with them for a hole. Since football, Nagle has been working at Medtronic as a senior marketing manager and is extremely active in the celebrity golf tournament network. Below are his NFL stats.

G/Gs 24/14     Att 437    Comp 213   Yds 2489   Pct 48.7%    Td 8   Int 20    Rat 53.5  Lg 51