Sharpe, Sterling

Cards: SkyBox 1992, Action Packed 1992, Score 1990 HC, ProSet 1989, ProSet 1990 LL
Acquired: TTM 1993, 2011, C/o The Green Bay Packers, C/o The NFL Network
Sent: 5/27   Received: 6/7  (11 days)
Address:   c/o NFL Network  10950 Washington Blvd.  #100  Culver City, CA 90232*

I was pretty disappointed in the SkyBox and Action Packed autographs I got back in 1993. I thought they were fakes and added them to the collection; However after further study this years it appears that Sterling Sharpe perhaps had a very boring autograph or a ghost signer at the time. Recent success through the NFL Network shows a grandiose signature, while earlier in his career it looks like… a signature on the dotted line.

After attending South Carolina, Sterling Sharpe would be drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the 1988 draft. Overall he went 7th and was the highest rated wide receiver off the board. Sharpe’s first season would be respectable. He’d have 55 receptions for 875 yards and 5 touchdowns working with primarily Don Majkowski. In 1990 Sterling would lead the league in receptions with 90 and be named to his first of 5 Pro Bowls and 5 APs. In 1992 he’d form a great bond with quarterback Brett Favre, and record a season for the ages leading the league in all receiving categories and lodging 107 receptions, becoming of only 7 players to do so. 1993 would see him break his own record, and he’d become the first player to record back to back 100+ receiving seasons. 1994 would see Sharpe lead the league in touchdown receptions with a career high 18. and Sterling appeared to be on his way to another great season for 1995 but he suffered a career ending neck stinger.  Sterling has become a successful commentator after his retirement working for NBC, CBS, ESPN and the NFL Network.

I sent off for his autograph in late May of 2011. Recent successes that I’d seen on the web had indicated as many as 5 signatures per attempt, but I didn’t want to pester him, so I went with the two Pro Set 1990 cards and this rare Score 1990 Hot Card. (The Hot Cards were only packaged in blister packs sold for retail in places like Target and Toys ‘R Us.) Even though the Hot Card does not have the most amazing looking pose of Sterling, it was still a really nice design. I got the additional autographed cards back in 11 days, and you can tell the difference in the grandiose autograph, from the signatures I got back in 1993.

G/Gs 112/112     Rec 595       Yds  8195      Avg 13.7       Td   65    Lg  79

*Forwarded and postmarked from South Carolina.