Steinkuhler, Dean

Card: ProSet 1990
Acquired: In Person 1991, Houston Oilers Training Camp
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One of the most dominant and decorated linemen to come out of the University of Nebraska- Dean Steinkuhler won the Outland and Lombardi Trophies in 1983 playing at guard. His most notable moment for the Huskers was picking up a ‘fumblerooskie’ and rumbling in for a touchdown in the Orange Bowl.

The Houston Oilers made him the second overall choice of the 1984 draft where the team would kick Dean out to play right tackle, and along with Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews, the trio would form the nucleus of a very good offensive line.  The Oilers started Steinkuhler immediately and he’d play 10 games before a knee injury ended his rookie season and scrub all of 1985.  Dean would make a triumphant return to the lineup by 1986, starting the whole season and 11 games into 1987 before he was shelved for the rest of the season. In 88 and 89 he’d start the full slate of games, but once again bad knees crept back up in 1990 limiting his production to 7 games.  The porous Astrodome turf had taken its toll on Dean, exposing a chink in the Oilers’ offensive armor. Dean retired after 1991, starting only 1 game that season, at the age of 30. I’d meet him at Houston Oilers Training Camp in his last season where he nicely stopped and signed this ProSet card. Over his career he played in 100 games and started 77.

Dean lives now in Syracuse, Nebraska where he runs a storage unit facility, operates a car wash and enjoys watching his sons follow in his footsteps into football.  Of Dean’s accomplishments was that he was named to the 3rd string All Century College Team and also had his number retired at Nebraska.

I sent off for his autograph on his Score 1990 and 1991 cards trying to get the autograph of some of the great Oilers I remembered in 2010 through the Mieselman list, and received a response a bit over a year later in November of 2011.