Wright, Alexander “Ace”

Cards: ProSet 1993, Action Packed Rookies 1990
Acquired: In Person 1991, 1993, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

Alexander Wright was a track and field speedster who tested one of the faster speeds at the combine in 1990. The Dallas Cowboys looking for a compliment to Michael Irvin took Wright in the 2nd round from Auburn. His gaudy 23.6 yards a reception set a school record. Ace would make a splash for the return game, virtually replacing James Dixon in the lineup but not really leave a lasting impression at receiver where despite his speed and leaping ability – had nothing but alligator arms when it came to making the catch.

He’d play 3 seasons in Dallas and then be traded to the Los Angeles Raiders in 1992. Al Davis makes no secret that he’s enamored with speed, and watching Alexander Wright at training camp play for the Cowboys those years in Austin probably just made him salivate. Ace would sit on the bench for the majority of the season. It didn’t help that the Raiders had quarterback problems but along the way the speedster would still catch a 41 yard strike for a touchdown. 1993 would be his most productive season with 4 touchdowns and 27 grabs, while 1994 he’d average 18.4 yards  a catch. He’d finish his last two seasons on the St. Louis Rams, playing 11 games over two seasons, being immortalized on both Tecmo Super Bowl with the Cowboys and Tecmo Super Bowl Final Edition on the Rams.  Ace was a 2 time NFL’s fastest man winner and as of 2010 still holds the longest kick return in team history with a 102 yard return for the Cowboys.

I got Alex’s autograph at Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. One of my most comically bad moments in autograph collecting history occurred with him and Max Montoya. As Max passed down the line in what was commonly known as ‘autograph alley’ I was coaching another kid on how to get autographs. Max gave me his autograph but passed by the other kid who kept holding out his card.. for Dallas wide receiver Alexander Wright. I told the kid, “That’s not Max Montoya,” but Alex heard me, and embarrasingly took offense thinking that I was making a racial comment. Ace Wright obviously didn’t want to sign my card- or Max Montoya’s for that matter either. Since football Alexander has been active in coaching and currently is in northwestern Texas.

G/Gs  86/44     Rec  101   Yds  1597     Avg  15.8     Td   10   Lg  76T  |
Kr 79    Yds   1681    Avg   21.3   Td  2     Lg  102T