Cavil, Kwame (2)

utud10 cavil iconsCard: University of Texas Upper Deck Icons 2011
Acquired: In Person 2/24/2014, Rudy’s Ribfest 4
See Also: Kwame Cavil, Kwame Cavil (3)

I knew that Ribfest was taking place at a location near my place so I planned to hit two of the locations in anticipation of the event. Taking a  half day from work I called and harassed the employees at Rudy’s until I was able to nail down the names who were going to be there. I decided to go to Round Rock and 183 North. While Round Rock was a minor disappointment because of a no show, I knew Fozzy Whittaker was going to be at 183, but I had no clue who the other player was. Luckily another member of TAC was there to ID Kwame Cavil for me, who I should’ve recognized because he was wearing the Manor High School colors that he was coaching wide receivers at. Kwame had not seen this card and pined over it for a minute before he took a photo of it. While he did tell me he had seen the original UT card, he had not seen this one ever, so I felt obliged to offer an extra to him through the mail, if I could in a few weeks. Truly it is a damn fine card that celebrates the great players in UT history. While the back was a bit underwhelming its the really nice gold design and landscape presentation on the front that takes the cake.