Cross, Randy

Card: Topps 1985
Acquired: Canton Acquisition 2012

Randy Cross was a UCLA All-American guard selected by the San Fransisco 49ers in the second round of the 1976 NFL draft.  An outstanding lineman for the Bruins, he originally started at center and was later moved to guard, and helped the Bruins get past Ohio State in what is considered one of the largest upsets in Rose Bowl history.

Over the course of his 13 season career, he’d suffer through the doldrums of the NFC West, witness the drafting of Joe Montana, Roger Craig, and Jerry Rice, the transformation of the 49ers into a West Coast offense, and the team’s rise to dominance as the NFL’s premier team. Randy played his entire time with the 49ers,  was named as an AP selection 3 times (1981, 1982, & 1984), numerous Pro Bowl nominations, and earned 3 Super Bowl rings. He retired shortly after winning his 3rd ring in 1988.

Randy so seamlessly transitioned into the booth right afterwards, I had forgotten that he played. A natural behind the mic and on camera, Randy has worked for CBS and NBC both in the booth and as a color commentator for games. (I thought he hated the Oilers.) He’s also done college game casts and preseason games for the Patriots. Currently Randy has his own radio show on Sirrus NFL radio. I also think he should grow back his mustache for old times sake as Cross sorta looks like Tom Selleck.