Ruffins, Moqut

tntafl14 ruffinsCard: TNT AFL Talons 2014
Acquired: In Person, 5/3/2014 Talons vs. Barnstormers.

An imposing player on the field clocking in at an impressive 6’5″, 320, Moqut Ruffins is a versatile athlete, who played defensive line during his time at Louisiana Tech. He recorded 79 tackles and 3 sacks for the Bulldogs before joining the AFL in 2010 with Bossier-Shreveport. There he’d make the jump to offense and started playing offensive line and tight end. Along the way he’s also played for the New Orleans Voodoo (2011) and the Pittsburgh Power (2012), before joining the San Antonio Talons. Moqut recorded a career high 17 receptions for 181 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2013, and then again in 2014 with 19 catches for 151 yards and another 5 scores. The Talons in particular enjoyed utilizing Moqut on tight end screens where he was a devastating option for the San Antonio offense.