Young, Vince (2) “VY”

dor&s10 young patchCdor&s10 young altCard: Donruss Rookies & Stars 2010 Gold, Donruss Rookies & Stars 2010 Foil, Donruss Rookies & Stars 2010 Patch, Photo Memorabilia, Poster.
Acquired: IP 4/16/2015, Sam’s Wholesale Lakeline Grand Opening
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dor&s10 young Goldmem vyoung pho2Well Vince was the apple of my eye for the Sam’s Grand Opening Event. I had planned weeks in advance to nab the increasingly elusive quarterback on as many cards as I could. To help my cause, I created this poster of Vince. It took roughly 15 hours to complete and the additional costs included printing the poster and mounting a copy for him.  While I had hoped Young would sign everything in my possession after seeing the poster, I was ultimately disappointed in his response.  I don’t think me asking for a stack of autographs was going to be greedy. The time and effort required to complete what I had done would have been equitable.

vy posterFor a time there I was worried Vince wasn’t going to show up for the event, in which he was paired up with his former lineman Kasey Studdard.  The line was rampant with discontent from the other attendees, including an incorrigible woman I recognized from a previous signing with Earl Campbell. Things eventually worked out though. The gatekeeper was pretty intimidating, and blocked me from being able to gather a larger number of autographs. Instead when I proposed a trade with Vince – Young seemed confused, and deferred to his gatekeeper to answer the question.  Still- three cards, a photo and a signed copy of my own poster wasn’t too bad.  I had been wanting to get these Donruss cards signed even if the encounter wasn’t memorable anyway. Vince now works for the University of Texas and can be frequently spotted at his steakhouse.