Mills, Davis

CARDS: Score 2021, Absolute Memorabilia 2021 (76/99)
ACQUIRED: Ebay, 2022


  • Davis Mills played QB 3 years at Stanford from 2018-’20.
  • Finished college career 287/ 438 for 3464 yards and 18 TDs.
  • 3rd round pick of the Houston Texans in the 2021 NFL Draft.
  • He’d see action in 13 games, starting 11 his rookie year, passing for 2664 yards on 263/394 attempts (16 TDs, 10 INT).
  • In 2022, threw for 17 TDs- but led NFL with 15 INT, as he led the team to a 3-10-1 record.
  • With the drafting of CJ Stroud in 2023, Davis saw significantly less playtime.


I mean you gotta feel for Davis Mills. The guy rode it out as the Texans tank commander, essentially two years in a row. Then he got sent to the bench behind wonder QB CJ Stroud in ’23. Every time he has to come on the field the collective fandom of Houston holds their breath. When the Texans needed a win, they opted to roll with emergency QB Case Keenum instead of Davis last season against the Titans. Still the guy has his support, and is frequently the subject of memes discussing his gigantically long neck.

I gambled if I just waited around long enough I’d find a great deal on Davis’ cards and eventually I did, nabbing these two for a total of under 7 bucks.