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Bond, Jy

Card: TNT Cards 2011
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 8/15   Received: 8/25 (10 days)

So I created a whole set of trading cards and put them under the Top Notch banner. A few United Football League players of late have taken notice of what I had been doing and wanted copies of their cards. I decided to handle this as a chance to explore a novel way to approach TTM autographs. In exchange for the file or the card, I ask that they send me an autographed copy of that card I created for my collection. Jy was the first of those experiments and successes at this. It solves a lot of things for me by allowing me to get some exposure and spread positive word for little cost, practice my trade, get an autograph, and do a small thing that counts a lot more for these players than people think.

It all started with a small set of UFL cards that I worked on in March. I didn’t put much thought to it as I was passing the time. With the days getting longer I posted a few up on the team Facebook sites. I really didn’t consider that  players might contact me for their card. Within a few days though, Jy contacted me and asked why I hadn’t made one of him yet, so I felt obliged and set to work on the second series of UFL cards, which brought the set up to over 100 profiles.

I sent him a small set of his card through ProShooterDirect that I created, and for 24 of them, it was quite a fair price.  He got it by the weekend and mailed me out the 2 cards, since I had no use for 22 more cards floating around my apartment, it would allow me to inspect the quality of the print and see how well the autograph took to their paper.
His autograph has a nice strength and loop to the signature, and looks very impressive in silver. Along with the two cards, he also sent me a nice thank-you note in Aussie offering to meet up whenever we get the chance and refer more players to me if I’d like.

I’ve sent out a set to the Mountain Lions, and also have been in contact with a few other players so far. I hope to be able to put together a comprehensive collection of UFL players autographs before the end of season 3. Unabashedly when coming up with the concept for this card, I wanted to aim for something that would be a card that would introduce fans to the teams and the league.  I framed the front of the card with a nice, classy, white border. I did some tweaks later to the cards after receiving the prints on the back where the type came out a bit small, but overall I was quite pleased with how these turned out.

Disclaimer: The photos and logos remain the properties of their respective parties. The designs, bios, and presentations, I do claim ownership over. I am not affiliated with the United Football League or any of its member teams and these are classified as ‘mock up’ demonstration fan art cards.

Huyghue, Michael

Card: TNT UFL 2011
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o UFL League Offices Jacksonville, Fl
Sent: 8/8     Received: 8/18  (10 days)

I wanted a way to preserve the memory of the UFL much like the way I have done so for the WLAF so I created a set of cards for the league, since there was nothing on the market. It ended up exploding into a 100+ card set.

Michael Huyghue has been the much maligned commissioner since taking charge of the fledgling league, that was hoping to capitalize off of the NFL labor dispute in 2011. (Clicking on the back of his card will bring up a detailed profile.) Taking a beating from fans over the league’s nomadic franchises and their overly optimistic approach, the UFL has managed to survive into its 3rd season under his direction, albeit under a cloud of scrutiny and a shortened season. It is unknown what the UFL’s new long term strategy is, and that is part of the problem.The hope is after the 2011 season, the league can survive or reorganize as an NFL farm league- something that the NFL has needed for quite some time.

American Football during the Spring has always been an elusive mystery as to why it can never succeed. Americans remain hungry for football year round, but when it comes to anything but the NFL, they squarely reject it as being an inferior product. Michael signed these 2 cards through the league offices in a short 10 days for me before the season began in 2011.

The web colors unfortunately did not translate on the Commissioner’s card properly and have been represented as a garish neon. The back is much more accurate. Utilizing this design in the future might require me to have a bolder font. Otherwise it was not a bad first stab.

Bing, Darnell

Card: Topps Total 2006
Acquired: Texans Blitz 2010

A physical specimen, Bing declared early and entered the draft and was picked by the Raiders in the 4th round of the 2006 draft. Rex Ryan was confident he could find a place for Bing, but Darnell proved to be a difficult tweener to place because  as an in-line safety  he lacked the hip fluidity to play deep routes. Ryan however felt that they could utilize the athlete at outside linebacker and he was transitioned into the position.  After injuring his neck in 2006, he’d lose his season to injured reserve. Bing would be moved back to his native safety position for 2007 but be cut by the Raiders. He’d be picked up off of waivers by the 49ers and ended the season on the practice squad. In 2008 Bing would be signed by the Jets and subsequently released. The Lions would sign Bing, who once again thought that Darnell was a linebacker, where he’d would make 5 tackles on the active roster of the Lions. He’d be cut during the 2009 season. Signed by the Texans in 2009, he spent the next season on the practice squad. An injury during training camp would end his 2010, and in early 2011 he was cut again and is currently a free agent. A physically chiseled athlete, the knock on Darnell is that he looked like Tarzan but hits like Jane. Perhaps a year or two in the UFL will help him refine his skills but at this time his current plans are not known.

-UPDATE- 4/26/11 What a call. The UFL announced their ‘protected player list’- (which amounts to a supplemental draft of veterans from the NFL who were cut from squads that the teams want) and Bing was among the names selected by the Omaha Nighthawks today.