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Marino, Dan

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1992, Score 1990, SkyBox 1992
Acquired: In Person 1993, CGA Youth Golf Tournament

The crown gem of my celebrity golf tournament autograph requests, I’ve been dreading doing the bio for Dan Marino as he has so many accolades, it’s easy to miss some of them and his write up would be huge.

Well Dan Marino was quite nice at the tournament. He literally got swarmed and I dived into the fold. When he realized he was being surrounded he asked us to all line up in an orderly line and he’d sign a limit of 3 cards a piece for us. (The SkyBox and the Score cards are two of my favorite cards, while the Action Packed was just part of a set that I swore to complete and know I never will.) Anyway, I know now that Marino gets so overwhelmed with requests TTM it’s basically a waste of time now- and any sender gets their cards returned with a thanks but sorry letter, so I consider myself quite lucky in that regard to not only have 1 but 3 autographs from him.

Dan Marino went to the University of Pittsburgh, where he virtually shattered all the college quarterback records while leading them to some of their most memorable seasons ever but was unable to ever win the Heisman. Marino would be a part of the historic 1983 draft, that would include such notables as John Elway, Ken O’ Brien and Jim Kelly with so far 6 Hall of Famers have come out of this draft. His stock would plummet before the draft, and Dan would be passed up in favor for such notables as Todd Blackledge and Tony Eason. At #27 Dan Marino would drop out of the sky and into the Dolphins lap. Don Shula‘s Dolphins were at that time still a traditionally strong running team, but Marino’s imprint on the franchise would be so indelible, that the team would quickly become one of the most prolific air attacks in the league over the next 15 seasons. Dan Marino encompasses the definition of a traditional drop back passer. With a powerful arm, lightning quick release, great pocket awareness, and an intelligent understanding of the intricacies of the game, Marino would be named to the ProBowl and AP 9 times while making the playoffs 10 times out of 17 seasons. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005, he held virtually every passing record when he retired, being the first player to throw for over 5000 yards in a season. In 2003 he was inducted into the college football hall of fame, had his number retired and has a statue also bearing his likeness outside of the Dolphins’ stadium. Dan has gone into broadcasting, been involved in charitable work, and has had lucrative endorsement spokesperson for Weight Watchers, Isotoner gloves, and Papa John’s Pizza.

G/Gs  242/240   Att 8358    Comp 4967   Yds 61361   Pct 59.4    Td 420   Int 252  Rat 86.4