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Mack, Kevin (2) ‘Attack’

Cards: ProSet 1989, Score 1989, Score 1991 MVP
Acquired: 2016, Future Considerations
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Deadhorse comes through again for me. My Cleveland connection who gets a rare bone thrown to him from time to time set me up with a signing that included 3 great Browns backs: Earnest Byner, Mike Pruitt, and Kevin Mack.

Kevin has a lot of great nicknames because of his indelible last name. My friends and I used to call him ‘Mack Attack’ in Tecmo Bowl (circa 1987/8), but I’ve heard ‘Mack Truck’ and a few others because well, not only did he hit like a truck in Tecmo, he attacked the line in real life.

Former revered head coach Marty Schottenheimer has been quoted as saying about Mack:
“K Mack was a between the tackles runner who had power as well as good speed. He had that tremendous step of acceleration you have to have when he saw that little spot he had to run to or through.”

As of 2016, Kevin is the head of Cleveland Browns Alumni relations. He kicked the can for many years on returning to the sport in a coaching or front office capacity- inquiring with the Texans in 2000 about becoming a scout once the franchise took a foothold. Eventually he ended up returning to the Browns. Among the things that Mack laments is the glory days of the AFC South and the rivalries between the Steelers, Oilers, Browns, and Bengals. (I for one second that.)

Some really nice cards of Kevin here that I got signed the second time around.  Each of them showcase Mack’s power and ability to lead with his massive shoulders. The ProSet 1989 is a marvelous action shot with just perfect framing, while his Score 91 is a solidly designed illustration. The Score 1989 is why Topps was caught so flat footed by both ProSet and Score’s entry into the card market. Not only did they use dynamic photography and action shots, the colors on the higher grade card just illuminated the canvas.

Mack “Attack”, Kevin

Cards: Stadium Club 1992, ProSet 1990, Pacific 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o The Cleveland Browns
Sent: 1/13  Received: 2/12  ( 30 days)
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Kevin Mack was one of the most devastating runningbacks in Tecmo Bowl. He was what we called a ‘popcorn back’ and he was a one man wrecking machine that you dared not tackle alone. If you had the fortune of steering the ‘Mack Attack’ you just had to hit that A button non-stop to pay dirt. As an Oilers fan, Kevin was the last guy I wanted to see. Originally a fullback for the Los Angeles Express of the USFL, Mack would rush for 330 yards and 4 touchdowns in 18 games. The Browns saw something in the former Syracuse back and took him in the 1st round of the supplemental draft for USFL players in 1985. His rookie season was his best, as the team leaned on ‘Mack Truck’ for 1100 yards where he’d play in the Pro Bowl after the season.

In 1986 he had a career high 10 touchdowns and in 1987 he averaged a bit over 60 yards rushing a game. A sturdy short yardage presence, Kevin crushed defensive linemen and linebackers with well-proportioned 6″,  212 pound frame.  Mack would always kill either the Oiler’s playoff hopes or their divisional championship dreams- including a backbreaking rushing touchdown in the waning weeks of 1989. These cards really represent Mack’s downhill running style well and the Stadium Club and ProSet card of him are among my favorites. I sent off for his autograph from the Browns organization and he responded quickly to my request in roughly a month. He currently works in the team’s front office.

G/Gs  99/82    Rush 1291   Yds  5123   Avg 4.0   Td  46   Lg  65 |
Rec 197   Yds  1602    Avg  8.1   Td  8    Lg  44