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Smith, Kevin ‘Pup’ (3)

CARDS: Pro Set Power 1992, Topps Finest 1997, Pro Set 1992, Classic 1992 Blister
ACQUIRED: IP 2022, Big Hits & Politics Book Signing



On a hunch I packed a few cards of Kevin Smith to Robert Wilson’s book signing for Big Hits & Politics. I had seen Kevin liking Robert’s posts on Twitter and took a shot he’d show up. Robert walked me right up to him and I promptly pulled out some cards for him to sign- much to his surprise. He had a good laugh when I told him I was a regular on those humid days at Dallas Cowboys Training Camp at St. Edwards back in the early ’90s. He was the cherry on top that I’d made the right decision that day to attend as I squared not only Robert Wilson and Richmond Webb away, but also Kevin as well. Well worth the trip.

I mean, there’s probably just a few more cards that I’d like Kevin to sign, including his GameDay 1993, but it’s not a burning need, even though I had his card and found it later after attending the event.

Seale, Eugene

Card: ProSet Power 1992
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oilers Training Camp 1992

Considered a local legend for Lamar University, Eugene Seale  went undrafted coming out of college in 1986. (The USFL New Jersey Generals drafted him in the 5th round of the USFL draft, but the league ceased operations shortly afterwards.)  Houston Oilers head coach Jerry Glanville was looking for headhunters during the 1987 NFL work stoppage- and had to look no further than the undersized special teams demon. Eugene Seale would become the Houston poster child for replacement players and fans. He’d get the majority of his starting time at linebacker out of the way in his first two seasons, making 2 interceptions (one for a touchdown) and recording a safety in 1988. While the Oilers would be slowly stripped away by Plan B, Seale would remain with the team, leading the team regularly in special teams tackles and leaving a trail of crushed kick returners and blocked punts in his wake. It was once even said, “Eugene Seale doesn’t tackle people. He uncoils and explodes into them.”  Eugene would retire after 6 seasons with the Oilers in 1992. He lives in Orange, Tx and is a big fan of Lamar football.

Here is a link to Eugene’s Lamar career: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSMnDoLiQeU

G/Gs  79/5     Tac N/a    Sac  2.0      Fum 0
Int 2  Yds 119     Avg 54.5    Td 1     Lg  73T