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Babers, Rod (4)

Card: TNT UT Legends
Acquired: IP, 2014
See Also: Rod Babers

Over the years I’ve pretty much tapped out the complete card collection of Rod Babers. He’s a great local radio personality, and a really big fan and student of sports. It seems that whenever I run into him- we pick up where we left off, promise to hang out, and never get around to it. I mean maybe its the unsaid rule I follow that is basically even if a person is a D-list celebrity you should give them a lot of space. We tried to network for a Texans game in 2017, but that fell through. In the meantime he had a fallout with 1300 the Zone, but thankfully picked up right where he was at with ESPN doing what he does best.

I decided to pop in and say hi in 2018- A year after the last time I saw him at the Texans draft party when I had accurately predicted the Texans would trade up to take Deshawn Watson. We again picked up where we left off, and just started talking sport. His team thanked me for coming by and hanging out and we chatted for a bit. It was good times. We talked briefly about the AAF and the Texans but really weren’t able to get into details since he was pretty busy.

We catch up from time to time and he’s always very personable and friendly and loves to sign autographs.

Wuensch, Bobby

Cards: UT UD 2011 Icons, UTD 2011
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 9/3 Received: 9/19 (16 days)

Bobby Wuensch played offensive tackle for the blue chip studded Texas Longhorns from 1968 to 1970. He’d earn All-SWC and All-American Honors in 1969 and 1970. With Bobby in the lineup the Longhorns went 30-2-1 over that span, and he’d also be named a Co-Captain of the 1970 National Championship team. A Southwest Conference and Cotton Bowl All-Decade Team member (1970s), Bobby was selected by the Baltimore Colts in the 12th round of the 1971 draft, but did not play in the NFL. He was inducted into the Longhorn Ring of Honor in 1990, and consistently ranks among the Top 50 greatest Longhorns.

Bobby wrote me a nice note with my autograph request and as of 2019 lives in Houston.

Johnson, Derrick ‘DJ’ (3)

Cards: Score 2013, Score 2010, Topps 2011, Score 2014, Panini UT 2015 (2), Upper Deck 2009
Acquired: 2019, IP Heisman House Tour
See Also: Derrick Johnson, DJ Johnson (2)

The past few years Nissan has done a promotion for the Heisman where they set up a tent and bring down a college legend to sign and take photos with fans. Calling it the ‘Heisman House’, previous years have netted me guys like Vince Young, Ricky Williams, and even LenDale White. It seemed like a shoe in that I’d be able to nail down 2nd half guest Derrick Johnson on a few more cards but as luck seemed to have it- the organizers changed the rules and almost incurred the wrath of fans waiting in line.

You see their Facebook posts indicated that players were signing for fans or taking selfies. For the vast majority of fans who were there, we just wanted the autograph. So after the DJ tried to tell us that we could only get a selfie, a group of us got frustrated and voiced our displeasure. It took a few minutes but the situation was resolved in time for us to get both Ricky and DJ’s autograph with no issue.

One of the highlights of the event is that you could ask Derrick any question you wanted, so naturally there was one thing on my mind.

I want to apologize to you on behalf of the entire Houston Texans organization for trading down and not selecting you during the draft.

DJ let our a hearty chuckle and then told me that nobody had apologized for that, and that while he did appreciate it, it was unnecessary. He then recounted how he was selected 15th in the 2005 draft and that the Texans passed him over and traded down- had the chance to select him, but instead took Travis Johnson. DJ’s memory was sharp. He then talked about the LB talent in the draft that went before him, and the rest of the players selected before him- but no he didn’t hold a grudge- <insert wide smile>. He did however enjoy himself to some degree every year when the Chiefs hammered the Texans.

DJ has signed previously for me, so I was beginning to run out of cards of his. I had been angling since 2015 to get these Panini UT cards signed. A bit over produced, but I do like them, and the ink looks good on these canvases. I just don’t really understand why they did 2 cards of every player and then variations on top of that. The set (other flaws notwithstanding) is confusing enough as it is.

I absolutely hate this Upper Deck card. Don’t like the design and I never have liked camp photos where players are not in pads. It was sort of the bottom of the barrel to me. I’ve earmarked it for my friend Mark to have.

I liked the Score 2010 set. I like the deconstructive elements of the set, but not so much the 2013 Score card. It’s a boring design and it almost requires the photo to be a portrait, so this landscape just seems a bit off. I thought the Topps card was alright. It was a soft evolution of the card design. The only problem I had with it is that it looked a bit too much like a grill or that it was lifted off of a Fox Sports presentation from that era.

In 2018 Derrick was inducted into the Kansas City Chiefs Ring of Honor.