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Mack “Attack”, Kevin

Cards: Stadium Club 1992, ProSet 1990, Pacific 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o The Cleveland Browns
Sent: 1/13  Received: 2/12  ( 30 days)
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Kevin Mack was one of the most devastating runningbacks in Tecmo Bowl. He was what we called a ‘popcorn back’ and he was a one man wrecking machine that you dared not tackle alone. If you had the fortune of steering the ‘Mack Attack’ you just had to hit that A button non-stop to pay dirt. As an Oilers fan, Kevin was the last guy I wanted to see. Originally a fullback for the Los Angeles Express of the USFL, Mack would rush for 330 yards and 4 touchdowns in 18 games. The Browns saw something in the former Syracuse back and took him in the 1st round of the supplemental draft for USFL players in 1985. His rookie season was his best, as the team leaned on ‘Mack Truck’ for 1100 yards where he’d play in the Pro Bowl after the season.

In 1986 he had a career high 10 touchdowns and in 1987 he averaged a bit over 60 yards rushing a game. A sturdy short yardage presence, Kevin crushed defensive linemen and linebackers with well-proportioned 6″,  212 pound frame.  Mack would always kill either the Oiler’s playoff hopes or their divisional championship dreams- including a backbreaking rushing touchdown in the waning weeks of 1989. These cards really represent Mack’s downhill running style well and the Stadium Club and ProSet card of him are among my favorites. I sent off for his autograph from the Browns organization and he responded quickly to my request in roughly a month. He currently works in the team’s front office.

G/Gs  99/82    Rush 1291   Yds  5123   Avg 4.0   Td  46   Lg  65 |
Rec 197   Yds  1602    Avg  8.1   Td  8    Lg  44

Pederson, Doug

Card: WildCard WLAF 1992
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o The Philadelphia Eagles
Sent:  3/12        Received:  3/22   (10 days)

The Offensive Quality Control Coach as of 2010 for the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Pederson has experienced a long and winding ride. Originally a free agent signee with the Miami Dolphins in 1991,  Pederson would end up being drafted by the New York/New Jersey Knights of the WLAF in 1992. Getting valuable experience playing in the Run ‘n Shoot behind Reggie Slack, Pederson would have a great season playing for the Knights throwing for 8 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. He’d return to the Dolphins where he’d bounce on and off the roster through 1995. In 1995 when the WLAF reformed as the NFLE, Pederson would be drafted by the Rhein Fire where he’d play behind Andy Kelly and Gino Toretta.

Later that year, the Carolina Panthers would select Doug during the team’s expansion draft with the 44th pick, but he’d not make the roster. After sitting out a year Pederson would return to play for the Packers, where he’s most fondly remembered as Brett Favre‘s backup.  When he finally got under center in 1998, Doug threw for 128 yards and 2 touchdowns in mop up duty. It was enough to impress coach Andy Reid (a former member of the Green Bay staff) who had just been hired as head coach by the Philadelphia Eagles. Pederson would tutor young Donovan McNabb that season and perform that duty so well, the Cleveland Browns in 2000 brought him in to do the same for young Tim Couch. Doug would finally return to the Packers to close out his career to serve as backup to Brett Favre through the 2004 season.  During the 2004 season Doug would be placed on IR from a broken traverse, a torn back muscle, and a broken rib.  While open-minded about the possibility of a return, Pederson would later retire due to his injuries.

He’d immediately begin coaching high school football in 2004 and in 2009 was hired by Andy Reid and the Eagles to serve as an Offensive Quality Control Coach. It’s sort of a head scratcher as to what tree to really include Pederson under- however he is considered a player of Mike Holmgren and a coach under the Andy Reid tree. Interesting to note, Doug has played or coached for 3 different teams twice: Miami, Green Bay and Philadelphia. I’d send out for his autograph along with former Sacramento Surge defensive back Louis Riddick and receive Doug’s autograph back in 10 days.  Below are Pederson’s combined WLAF and NFLE statistics.

G/Gs   N/a         Att 154         Comp 81         Yds  1263       Pct  52.6      Td 9      Int 5       Rat  86.0

Golic, Bob

Card: Action Packed 1990
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1991

After an All American career in 1977 and 1978, big Bob Golic was originally drafted by the New England Patriots in the 2nd round of the 1979 draft from Notre Dame. At 6-2, 264, during some points he played right inside linebacker in the Patriots’ 3-4 defense. After a not so spectacular 3 seasons- where he started only 12 games, Bob would sign with Cleveland where he’d find his home amazingly as a space eating nose tackle. Golic would play the majority of his career in Cleveland making 14 sacks over 7 seasons.  Bob would be named to the ProBowl from 1985-1987 and AP in 1985 and 1986. He’d start 97 games for them before leaving Plan B for the Los Angeles Raiders in 1989.  The Raiders would move Bob to defensive tackle where he’d start for another 2 seasons before an injury plagued finale in 1992.

Bob after retirement went into acting and broadcasting. He’d play a stint on the TV show “Saved By the Bell”, was into talk radio as well as did commentary for the XFL and recently, opened a sports bar and grille in Cleveland. Bob Golic also is the older brother of former Philadelphia Eagle and host of “Mike & Mike in the Morning”, Mike Golic.

Nice, big broad strokes on the signature with a full press on the autograph the whole way through. They say sometimes you can tell things about a personality by their handwriting and Bob has a gigantic ‘G’ for ‘Golic’. The lower zone of the ‘G’ (the huge lower part of the letter,) and the straight line are indicative of his confidence and his independence. The  shape of his ‘o’ in his first and last name are indicative of his openness and willingness to talk. Interesting stuff.

G/Gs 187/160   Tac N/a    Sac  22.5    Fum 5    Int  1   Yds 7    Avg  7.0   Td  1   Lg 7T