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Miller, Anthony (2)

Gameday 1992, #386

CARDS: Gameday 1992, Topps 1990 1k Club, Fleer 1990, Pro Set 1989, Skybox 1992, Action Packed 1990
ACQUIRED: Paid signing, 2023



Anthony Miller doesn’t sign TTM, so after not seeing anything for him since I got his autograph at a paid signing way back in…. 2015- I jumped at the chance to get him for a very affordable price on all my set needs that developed over the last few years. There might be one or two more in the late future but for right now I consider myself quite sated.

Most of the usual suspects are all here. The Fleer 1990 is very nice, and the ink was absorbed on the canvas quite nicely.

I think the 1989 Pro Set card was a featured photo on the Pro Set 1989 box somewhere. It was one of the lesser known error cards because eventually it was corrected. On the back of his card the stat line incorrectly states 14.8 as his TDs for 1988.

The Action Packed 1990 card also has an error that was uncorrected. In the blurb on the back of the card, Miller’s bio reads that he had 76 catches when he had 75.

I think it’s interesting that Miller’s Gameday card has an empty bleacher very close to him in the background. I suspect that this photo was taken at a training camp.

Fleer 1990, #311

Gaffney, Jabar (2)

CARD: Topps Total 2003, Upper Deck Houston Texans Inaugural Team Set 2002
ACQUIRED: 2020, Future Considerations. TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 8/19 RECEIVED: 9/3 (15 days)
FAILURE: TTM 2010, C/o Redskins



Chris and I are big Texans fans and from time to time we’ve helped each other out with players. Since he lives there in the area and had worked around the organization, he’s had unprecedented access to the team. He sent me this autograph as thanks for my help over the years.

The Houston Texans inaugural set has become a big set need for me over the years, and as I can nickle and dime into a few of these players, I am so happy to add them to the set of autographs TTM. I took a shot in the dark and was happy to get this card back signed from him.

Bishop, Keith

CARDS: Pro Set 1989, Score 1989
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 5/31 RECEIVED: 6/10 (10 days)


  • Keith Bishop was an offensive lineman, drafted out of Baylor by the Denver Broncos in the 6th round of the 1980 NFL Draft.
  • Would have been drafted higher, but injuries riddled his final year of college and early on in his pro career.
  • Prized for long snapping skills.
  • Versatile, aggressive, with a touch of finesse, played Center and Guard over career.
  • First offensive lineman in Broncos history to be named to the Pro Bowl.
  • Played for Broncos from 1980-89.


  • Pro Bowl 1986, ’87


Keith works for the Broncos as the Vice President of Security. I had a set need with Keith on the Pro Set 1989, and realized after sifting through cards late one night, he had a great Score 1989 card. I’m a sucker for cards with big men that have dirt on them. This one definitely checked all the boxes so I had get Keith.