Awalt, Robert

Card: ProSet 1990
Acquired: In Person 1991, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

Okay, I could never understand the Cardinals organization’s logic when it came to their tight ends. Here you have a proven veteran in Jay Novacek. You watch him leave Plan B to the Dallas Cowboys where he goes on to burn defenses across the league. In the meantime, the Cardinals groom promising Robert Awalt who actually starts and front of Novacek,(named NFC offensive rookie of the year in 1987,) but then roughly two years later, traded Awalt away to that same Dallas Cowboys organization. Just makes me scratch my head. (In Rob’s first few weeks for the organization, Robert would wear 46 as pictured on the card until 89 became available for him to wear.) Awalt would play behind Jay in two injury plagued seasons for the Cowboys primarily as a blocking tight end and occasional receiver. In 1992 Rob joined the Buffalo Bills, making 2 SuperBowl appearances there before retiring at the age of 29, after being placed on injured reserve to repair a torn rotator cuff in 1993.

I got Robert’s autograph on his ProSet 1990 at Cowboys Training camp, at the infamous autograph alley back in 1991- I think from what I remember at the final fence line before the players walk onto the playing field. I was a regular as background fodder on the local sportscasts and also had my picture once in the Dallas Morning News getting crushed in the alleyway by fans leaning me into the fence trying to get autographs. Those were good times despite the heat, and I never failed at getting an autograph everyday I was there.

G/Gs  95/44   Rec 138   Yds  1583   Avg  11.5   Td  10   lg 52