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Buck, Jason

Pro Set 1990, #62

CARDS: Fleer 1990, Pro Set 1989, Pro Set 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2023, C/o Home
SENT: 3/27 RECEIVED: 4/29 (33 days)


  • Jason had an outstanding 1986 campaign for Brigham Young at DE, posting 12.5 sacks and 72 total tackles.
  • First round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in 1987.
  • Used primarily as a situational pass rusher and a fresh set of legs that year, gathering 2 sacks.
  • Saw more playing time in ’88, adding 35 tackles and 6 sacks.
  • Jason started all 16 games in ’89, tying a career high with another 6 sacks.
  • Saw limited playing time in ’90, joining Washington in ’91.
  • Started 5 games in 1992, accumulating 2 more sacks.
  • Retired after the ’93 season.


  • Outland Trophy 1986


A physical specimen, Buck could bench press more than 490 pounds at his peak. Buck’s numbers were impacted by playing in primarily a 3-4 alignment, and starting 31 out of 97 total contests.


Rakoczy, Gregg

Fleer 1990, #57

CARDS: Fleer 1991, Pro Set 1990, Fleer 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2023, C/o Home
SENT: 4/12 RECEIVED: 4/22 (10 days)


  • Gregg Rakoczy was a versatile OL that was a 2nd round pick out of Miami (FL), by the Cleveland Browns in 1987.
  • 2 year starter at center, returned to guard after the return of longtime stalwart OL Mike Baab 1990.
  • Ironically signed with the Patriots in 1991, essentially replacing Mike Baab at center.
  • Played for NE through the 1992 season, playing in 81 games, starting 48.


  • All-Rookie Team 1987


Gregg’s 1990 Fleer is just an excellent in the dirt shot. He has a great autograph for a big man, and while I find his Fleer 1991 card to be absolutely abysmal, it’s not a bad addition to my collection. His Fleer 1990 has an uncorrected error, with the blurb on the back referring to him as ‘Greg’. Only had 7 cards, but two of them (Pacific 1991 as well) made this mistake.

White, Lorenzo ‘Lo’ (3)

CARDS: Score Supplemental 1989, Fleer 1990, Pro Set 1990, Gameday 1992, Gameday 1993, Gameday 1993 Gamebreaker, Topps Update 1990, Pro Set 1992, Pro Set 1991, Pro Set 1993, Pro Set Power 1992, Action Packed 1991, Skybox 1992, Skybox Premium 1992/3
FAILURE: TTM 2020, C/o Home



Maybe I got carried away here? Nah- Not for a paid signing. I consider this going…. ‘all out’. Lorenzo White is an enigmatic signer TTM, and even though I was lucky enough to get him once, I really wanted to replace more of these stamps in my collection (Score Supplemental 1989, Gameday 1992, Action Packed 1991). So I just figured why not get EVERYTHING signed I needed, especially at a bargain bin price of just 15 bucks an autograph. I then thought… well, why not take a photo with him too?

Besides the kerfluffle I experienced using digital versus printed out tickets, I was able to rib Lo a bit about Tecmo Super Bowl. You see in the game Lo is given a bad 44 ball control. (Yes, that previous season, he led the NFL with… I think 8(?) fumbles.) I told him he got the shaft in the game. He laughed briefly and told me, that well he showed everyone the next season (-a year in which he had over 1,000 yards rushing and some 1,800 total yards).

He was also very proud of the two big plays of his that always stick out in my mind: The draft video of him running down the field with one shoe on, and his catch and go against to beat the Cleveland Browns- when he galloped for some 70+ yards. When I asked him why he went to Cleveland… like if it was a hometown favorite of his, he said no, that it was all business.