Berardelli, Paul

Card: ProSet WLAF 1991
Acquired: TTM 2012, C/o Home
Sent: 8/7     Received: 8/16   (9 days)

A three year starter while at Villanova from 1985-1988, Paul was teammates with Steve Gabbard on the Philadelphia Eagles developmental squad back in the 1989 season.  After a stint on the Packers in 1990, Paul was drafted in the 4th round by the London Monarchs during the WLAF’s positional draft. There he’d be reunited with Steve, (and along with Doug Marrone,) they’d become the most formidable offensive line in WLAF history allowing only 10 sacks on the entire season. He’d become the vocal ringleader of the offensive line, nicknamed ‘The Nasty Boyz. ‘ Thanks to the play of the line,  Stan Gelbaugh averaged roughly 280 yards passing per gam.  At the end of the season the Monarchs won World Bowl I over the Barcelona Dragons. Paul, Doug, and Steve, all received 1st team All-World Honors from the league as well for their outstanding blocking.  The NFL took notice, and poached the rosters of the more successful WLAF teams. Head coach Larry Kennan returned stateside, and while the Monarchs came in and put up a good fight to start the season in 1992, the team did not repeat as WLAF champs.

Retiring from football, Paul decided to enter into education after the season concluded. He’s since climbed the ranks from substitute teaching all the way up to principal at Delsea High School in New Jersey. Villanova also retired his jersey in 1998.

He considered future Sacramento Surge DE (and future Pro Wrestler)Bill Goldberg, to have been a bear to block, and looks back upon his time in the WLAF, the memories, and the players he met while he was with the Monarchs, very fondly.

I had actually been after Paul for sometime after identifying him on Facebook. Since he never responded to my emails, I went ahead and sent something out anyway and in the letter I talked about the WLAF and mentioned that I had spammed him on Facebook quite a few times. He wrote me back and dropped me a nice note and offered to answer any questions that I had about his time in the WLAF. It really is these gems that make this hobby special, especially when I get just as much out of reminiscing about it as a player does.