Anderson, Ottis ‘OJ’ (2)

flr99si andersonCard: Fleer 1999 Sports Illustrated
Acquired: Target Autograph Memorabilia, 2013
See Also: Ottis Anderson

Probably one of the worst autographs I ever received TTM from a player was from Ottis Anderson, so it came as quite a surprise when I pulled an autograph from him out of one of the Target Autograph Memorabilia packs, but also because it had his full autograph. – Not just his first name. A very nice pull.

I actually had this Sports Illustrated at some point, and while it’s not a bad looking card, I partially understand why Fleer went the way of the do do, with sets like these. Previously I had received one of these Fleer Sports Illustrated cards from Roger Craig, but the design and look is so stale, that I thought these were thrown together promotionals. They didn’t even bother to remove the bar code or price from the original magazine.

The University of Miami’s, (FL) all time leading rusher at the time of his graduation, Ottis racked up 3331 yards, -including 1,266 his Senior season. He went on to have a prestigious career with the St. Louis Cardinals and earn NFL RotY Honors in 1979. In 1986 the Cardinals cut Anderson, thanks to the abuse of heavy running all those years. He’d make a comeback, and help the Giants win Super Bowl XXV against the Bills.