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Carrier, Mark (DB-2)

Gameday 1992, #446
Action Packed 1992, #21

CARDS: Gameday 1992, Skybox 1992, Action Packed 1992, Action Packed All Madden Team 1990, Pro Set 1991
ACQUIRED: 2023, Paid Signing



I saw a cheap signing for Mark that I had to get in on, so I plunked down the cash and went all in. The Pro Set 1991 card, was actually a special edition #800 for the Defensive Rookie of the Year. It was released as part of the Pro Set 1990 Update. I hadn’t ever seen the All Madden card before. I had probably gone through nearly an entire box at 7-11, but never gotten one. Great pickups.

Givins, Ernest (4)

Gameday 1993, #61

CARDS: Gameday 1993, Skybox Premium 1993, Fleer 1995, Action Packed All-Madden Team 1990, Pro Set 1992, Fleer 1990, Playoff 1992, Playoff 1993



Well since the last time I wrote Ernest, he stopped signing TTM. Such is the life of the game. I had been fortunate to get him many times both in person and TTM, so I was fine with spending a little extra cash to get these last cards knocked out of him.

Action Packed All-Madden Team 1990, #34

For some reason my tickets weren’t popping up properly on the app. The gatekeepers were treating me like I was trying to cheat the system, but yes indeed I had 8 cards I wanted to be signed by Ernest. Since we couldn’t get it to work in time, they had to manually key it in for me. It almost completely ruined the experience for me, but I was able to go behind the curtains and meet the players that way and they gladly signed for me.

Ernest protested because Curtis and Haywood were excited I was wearing an original 1990s #80 Houston Oilers jersey, as at one point during Jeffires and Duncan’s careers they both wore that number, while Givins stuck with 81.

I had enough time behind the magic curtain to ask him how it was going with tutoring his nephew and trying to get him into a league. He said he’s still at it. Curtis immediately chimed in and started talking about how Ernest was trying to teach his nephew how to drop his shoulder and juke off the LOS- something Givins excelled at doing in the slot. Givins then went on to mention that he was trying to get his nephew to pick up gymnastics, because that really helped Ernest as a receiver take his game to a new level.

Carter, Michael

Gameday 1992, #197

CARDS: Skybox 1992, Gameday 1992, Fleer 1990, Action Packed All-Madden Team 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 11/12/21 RECEIVED: 10/13/22 (335 days)


  • Michael Carter was a powerful NT and shot put champion who played at SMU from 1980-83.
  • Selected in the 5th round of the 1984 NFL Draft by the San Fransisco 49ers.
  • 1988 probably stands as his best season, when he recorded 71 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 9 pass deflections, and his only career interception.
  • Considered the premier NT of the era, frequently faced double teams from the G and C and still managed to be around the action.
  • Competed at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in shot put.
  • Retired after the 1992 season, playing his whole career in San Fransisco.
Skybox 1992, #221


  • 1984 Olympic Silver Medal (shot put)
  • First player to win an Olympic medal and a Super Bowl ring in the same year.
  • Texas Track and Field Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • All Pro 1986-’88
  • Second Team All Pro 1985
  • Pro Bowl 1985, ’87, ’88


Michael Carter was a monster in the original Tecmo Bowl, but the team was so loaded I primarily played Lott. Michael has some great cards but I’d rarely seen him sign, so I took a shot in the dark at this one. I was really happy he took the time to sign all 4 of these cards for me. 3 of them were set needs. The All-Madden team card slipped in over the Pro Set 1989 card, but this Skybox entry is pretty outstanding. Michael’s daughter is also a champion shot putter following in his footsteps. She won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics.