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Studwell, Scott (2)

Score 1990, #377

CARDS: Fleer 1990, Topps 1989, Score 1990, ProSet 1989, ProSet 1990
ACQUIRED: 2011, Canton Acquisition. 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 9/3 RECEIVED: 9/22 (19 days)



I got Scott many years ago TTM, and then later, I got Scott again as part of the Canton Acquisition back in 2011 on his Topps and Pro Set (’89) cards. Still there were a few more cards of his I wanted to get his autograph on, including his Fleer ’90 card.

Studwell, Scott

Cards: Topps 1990, ProSet 1991 Legends
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o home
Sent: 2/14    Received: 3/8    (22 days)

I had been kicking tires around sending Scott Studwell out a card or two for a while. I was not disappointed as it appears he is a wonderful TTM signer with fans. He signed these two cards in less than 30 days and did so in purple marker. He has a graceful and loopy signature- which seems to be an oddity amongst the signatures I have, and I was quite pleased to get it on the ProSet 1991 Legends card, and (strangely enough) on this Topps 1990 card.

1990 it seemed Topps was slowly getting the message and while many of their cards were portraits, sideline poses and guys standing still, there were these rare occasions where there was an outstanding action shot of a player. I think that this card of Studwell is exceptional framing him exploding out of a 2 point stance towards the play.

Back in the late 70s the common draft lasted 12 rounds and drafting was even further from the ‘science’ than it is today. The 77 draft was a fairly solid class, that included such names as: Tony Dorsett, Raymond Clayborn, Stanley Morgan, Lester Hayes, Steve DeBerg, and Joe Klecko. Almost every round yielded a Pro Bowl player and Scott Studwell- would be the surprise of the 9th round.

Studwell’s career would be an amazing testament to longevity, playing for the Vikings for 14 storied seasons. On the defense he’d  ceremoniously pass the torch between Alan Page and John Randle, seeing the twilight of Page’s and the beginning of Randle’s. He’d also span the ending of the Purple People Eaters through the Walker trade for the organization. Arguably one of the best linebackers to play for the Vikings, Studwell was a two time Pro Bowler and could play a variety of positions along the defensive front,  lining up not only at linebacker but also amazingly from time to time at nose tackle.

Studwell would finish second all-time at linebacker (at the time of his retirement) in games played (behind HoF member Ted Hendricks) with 201 games and unofficially (since tackles weren’t a tracked statistic for the majority of his career) with 1981 tackles. Scott after retirement would immediately jump into the scouting office for the Vikings where he scaled the ranks to be the team’s director of player personnel finding such gems as Jake Reed and Brad Johnson.  In 2009 Studwell was inducted into the Vikings’ Hall of Honor and through 2011 continues to serve as the team’s director of player scouting.

G/Gs  201/161   Tac 1981    Sac 9.0      Fum  16      Int  11   Yds  97     Avg  8.9      Td 0   Lg 20