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Lewis, Greg (2)

CARDS: Pro Set 1992, Topps Stadium Club 1992, Star Pics 1991, Playoff 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Work
SENT: 10/15 RECEIVED: 11/26 (42 days)



I had been circling back around to Greg since I got his Action Packed 1991 Rookies card via an acquisition. I really liked his Star Pics card, but I was struck by his Stadium Club entry as well- which has some really nice color in it. Playoff really came out at the tail end of when I was collecting back in the early 90s, and I’d always wanted to give the set a bit more love since the ink is absorbed so well by the metal finish.

As I was writing this, I was thinking about ‘the tail end of when I was collecting back in the early 90s’, and how now I’ve now basically entered into a second collecting recession. I don’t have any interest in buying boxes of first run cards right now. There are too many speculative buyers out there driving up an overpriced market. The design has gone into a disappointing direction, and there’s little room for value such as autographs included in the boxes. I wouldn’t be surprised if a contraction is coming to the trading card market soon.

Lewis, Greg (RB)

aprks91 glewisCard: Action Packed Rookies 1991
Acquired: Albany Acquisition, 2014

As a Junior, Greg Lewis worked his way into the starting lineup for the Washington Huskies in 1989. He’d rush for 1,100 yards and 10 TDs, earning 1,450 total yards from scrimmage. He’d top his previous efforts in 1990, with 1,256 yards rushing and 345 yards receiving- earning him First Team All-American Honors and winning the first Doak Walker Award given annually to the best college running back. Lewis’ stock slipped however, and he would not be taken until the 5th round of the 1991 draft, because of a poor 40 showing.

The Denver Broncos felt Greg fit into their offensive system. Overall he’d have 376 yards and 4 TDs his rookie year, including  119 yards in the Broncos 20-13 victory over the Steelers. In 1992, Greg followed his rookie campaign up with 268 yards and another 4 TDs. (Note that in Greg’s rookie season he wore the number 41 and in 1992 he wore number 20.) Greg unfortunately had a reoccurring knee injury and was forced to retire after the 1993 season.

He returned to his Alma Mater where he is an ambassador for the Huskies and involved in administration at the school- and enjoys coaching as well.

G/Gs  32/6    Rush 172    Yds 644   Avg 3.7     Td 8    Lg 27
Rec 6      Yds 39     Avg 6.5     Td 0     Lg 16