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Treadwell, Johnny ‘Hammer- Hands’ (1941-2014)

Card: University of Texas Upper Deck 2011
Acquired: EBay, 2020

Johnny Treadwell played offensive guard and linebacker for the Texas Longhorns from 1960 to 1962 at a time when players played ironman football. A consensus All-American in 1961, Johnny earned SWC MVP Honors in 1962. Considered one of the best two way players in Texas football history, Johnny was the first player to make the #60 an iconic number for the Longhorns.

Another player from local Stephen F. Austin High School, Johnny’s moment in the sun occurred against the Arkansas Razorbacks in 1962. Forcing a TD saving fumble, Treadwell inspired his teammates to drive 90 yards for the winning touchdown. Johnny’s hit went down in Texas lore as simply, “The Tackle”, and cemented one of college football’s chief rivalries for years to come. Undersized, Johnny used his speed and power to violently level opposing ballcarriers with bone crushing hits, earning two nicknames during his playtime at UT: ‘Hammer-Hands’ and ‘Chopper’. He truly helped UT over the cusp of local dominance and into the National spotlight.

Playing in an era that did not see football as a professional job, Treadwell graduated from A&M’s veterinarian school after UT, and treated animals in Austin for 37 years. It has been confirmed he passed away from CET in 2014.

These cards were produced in 2011, so there was a short 3 year window for him to enjoy his first trading cards ever produced. It must have been quite the charge for him as a Lifetime Longhorn who embodied so much burnt orange to get his final due. That being said, he probably didn’t hand sign too many outside of the certified set. This autographed card was typically out of my price range, but after a very long wait, I was able to snipe this certified one out under $10.00 on EBay.