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Treadwell, Johnny ‘Hammer- Hands’ (1941-2014)

Card: University of Texas Upper Deck 2011
Acquired: EBay, 2020

Johnny Treadwell played offensive guard and linebacker for the Texas Longhorns from 1960 to 1962 at a time when players played ironman football. A consensus All-American in 1961, Johnny earned SWC MVP Honors in 1962. Considered one of the best two way players in Texas football history, Johnny was the first player to make the #60 an iconic number for the Longhorns.

Another player from local Stephen F. Austin High School, Johnny’s moment in the sun occurred against the Arkansas Razorbacks in 1962. Forcing a TD saving fumble, Treadwell inspired his teammates to drive 90 yards for the winning touchdown. Johnny’s hit went down in Texas lore as simply, “The Tackle”, and cemented one of college football’s chief rivalries for years to come. Undersized, Johnny used his speed and power to violently level opposing ballcarriers with bone crushing hits, earning two nicknames during his playtime at UT: ‘Hammer-Hands’ and ‘Chopper’. He truly helped UT over the cusp of local dominance and into the National spotlight.

Playing in an era that did not see football as a professional job, Treadwell graduated from A&M’s veterinarian school after UT, and treated animals in Austin for 37 years. It has been confirmed he passed away from CET in 2014.

These cards were produced in 2011, so there was a short 3 year window for him to enjoy his first trading cards ever produced. It must have been quite the charge for him as a Lifetime Longhorn who embodied so much burnt orange to get his final due. That being said, he probably didn’t hand sign too many outside of the certified set. This autographed card was typically out of my price range, but after a very long wait, I was able to snipe this certified one out under $10.00 on EBay.

Huff, Mike ‘Huffy’ (3)

Cards: UT Upper Deck 2011, UT Panini 2015
Acquired: IP 2018, Gigi’s Back to Camp Event
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I went to Brian Orapko’s Back to Camp event at Gigi’s Cupcakes with a treasure trove of cards in hand and not much time in my pocket. With a two hour window to work in, I was happy to get Brian, but miffed to not see any other former NFLers make an appearance yet. About 30 minutes before I left, Mike Huff walked in. I did not have any cards left of Huffy and thought that I’d get him on two blanks that I’d never get signed otherwise. Sure it’s a Bevo card from the UT set, so the best I could hope for is some chud smeared on my card from the Longhorn itself. This made more sense, especially with the fact that Huffy doesn’t make an appearance at all in the set- which I considered a snub. He signed both of these, no problem and talked to fans for a few minutes before sauntering out with his family. Mike now lives in the Austin area and as of 2018 is a member of the University of Texas’ Football Strength and Conditioning Program.


McCoy, Colt (2)

utud11 mccoy mmCards: UT Upper Deck 2011 Memorable Moments, Panini Absolute 2011,  Playoff Prestige 2012
Acquired: IP 4/17/2015, Sam’s Wholesale Lakeline Grand Opening
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I had long debated going to the second day of the Sam’s Wholesale Grand Opening, but with a perfect storm of days I had to take off anyway, it made sense that I go ahead and dive in for the former Longhorn signal caller. I had 5 or 6 cards of him, but outside of the Longhorns card here, I really wasn’t that jazzed about anything I had. Thankfully Spoodog offered me a fairly nice Playoff 2012 to get autographed.

pres11 mccoyColt’s career has been… bumpy… since getting traded from the Browns in 2013 to the San Fransisco 49ers for low end picks. He didn’t look all that spectacular in the preseason, but still managed to do mop up duty in 4 games behind Colin Kapernick. After the season Colt signed with the Washington Redskins. The collective brains of the NFL yawned at the signing. (I myself had hoped he’d be brought in by the Texans.) Most pundits had written McCoy off and now going up against RGIII and Kirk Cousins, Colt managed to claw his way onto the roster and patiently bide his time as the best 3rd string quarterback in the NFL. McCoy eventually got his shot as injuries and inconsistency plagued the Redskins at quarterback. He’d lead the team to back to back exciting victories over the Titans, and then the heavily favored Cowboys. ¬†Injured late in the season, his performance was good enough to earn him a new contract with the Redskins.

Amem11 mccoyThe first few people through the line got way too many multiples signed. This ruined it for the rest of us. Colt’s signature is not a quick one, taking roughly 15 seconds to complete for each card. With a decent line building, this caused the gatekeepers to ask us to limit our requests to two a person. It was not unreasonable at all- but with them not patrolling the fans at the front with McCoy, people abused it anyway. I decided 3 was not unreasonable for me to get signed as that was my original thought. When I spoke to Colt, I told him that his heroics in the Redskins Cowboys game was the stuff of legend. He grinned from ear to ear and told me it was one of his fondest memories in the NFL. He also told me that he prefers Colossians 3:23 as his testament verse of choice.