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Silvers, Brandon

Topps AAF NOW 2019, #41

CARDS: Topps AAF Now 2019, Topps AAF 2019, Topps XFL 2020
ACQUIRED: In Person 2023, Houston Roughnecks v. San Antonio Brahmas
FAILURE: TTM 2019, C/o New York Jets. TTM 2020, C/o Home


  • Brandon Silvers played QB at Troy from 2014-2017.
  • Threw for 10,677 yards, 71 TDs, 29 picks, and 64.4% completions, with a 135.8 passer rating.
  • Finished second in school history in TDs and yards.
  • Had a tryout with the Saints following the 2018 NFL Draft but was not signed.
  • Was selected in the 3rd round by the Memphis Express during the AAF Quarterback Protect or Pick Draft in 2019.
  • Silvers faced an uphill battle behind Troy Cook, Christian Hackenberg, and Zach Mettenberger.
  • Cook was quickly out of the picture, with Hack taking over as starter and Silvers sliding in behind him.
  • Supplanted due to ineffectiveness, Silvers took over as starter but was quickly injured.
  • Mettenberg competently guided the Apollos until he was injured against the Stallions.
  • Silvers returned to the lineup with a vengeance in Week 6.
  • The Express in the meantime signed former NFL QB Johnny Manziel, who was chomping at the bit to take the reins from Brandon.
  • Silvers refused to relinquish his starting role, leading the team to an exciting win in OT over the Birmingham Iron in Week 7.
  • He’d then give the Apollos all they could handle in a 34-31 loss, before the league collapsed after their week 8 matchup.
  • Silvers briefly was on the radar of the Jets, seeing some off season time with them later that year.
  • In 2020, Brandon joined the XFL, playing for the Seattle Dragons under head coach Jim Zorn.
  • He’d throw for 539 yards and 6 TDs on 102 attempts.
  • 2021 saw him play for the Conquers of The Spring League, and then went unselected in the 2022 USFL Supplemental Player Draft.
  • Silvers returned to the XFL for 2023, as a member of the Houston Roughnecks.
  • He threw for 13 TDs and 1551 yards on 156 completions (262 passes) leading the Roughnecks to the playoffs.
  • The Roughnecks XFL roster was dispersed into the UFL draft pool for 2024.
  • Eventually Silvers made his way to St Louis where he backs up AJ McCarron.


  • NCAA QB Freshman Record (70.5% completion rate- min. 250 passes)


I have been trying to get Brandon for sometime since he had 3 cards that I wanted signed. When the Roughnecks were around in 2020 I was a big fan, but when they returned in ’23, I switched over to the Brahmas because they were closer. I was hoping that the Brahmas would grab Silvers as their quarterback but he ended up in H-Town with Wade Phillips instead.

By the time the Roughnecks came to SA, I had figured out the best spot to get autographs from which was right next to the visitors end zone where the players were coming in and going out.

After the Roughnecks defeated the Brahmas in OT, he came over and kindly signed these 3 cards for me. Like many players he really loved those times in the AAF.

Harris, Ajene

Topps XFL 2020, #61

CARD: Topps XFL 2020
ACQUIRED: IP 2023, San Antonio Brahmas v Houston Roughnecks


  • Ajene Harris displayed solid versatility for USC, playing DB, PR, and WR during his time at the school.
  • Over his last 3 years for the Trojans, he posted 144 total tackles, and 6 picks.
  • After spending training camp with the Eagles, Ajene joined the Houston Roughnecks in 2020.
  • As part of a gambling, dangerous secondary, Ajene posted 20 tackles.
  • He’d play for the Pittsburgh Maulers of the USFL in 2022 and post a tackle before returning again to the XFL.
  • Like an old glove, Ajene returned to the Roughnecks for 2023.
  • Picked on relentlessly by QBs Harris posted pretty good numbers on the outside.
  • He had 5 interceptions (league leader) for 15 yards, and 31 total tackles.
  • After the XFL Roughnecks were dispersed, he was selected by the Arlington Renegades for the upcoming 2024 season.


Ajene came over and signed this lone card for me. He loved that I had the OG Roughnecks jersey on, and told me that I needed to get a jersey of him next. He and I talked briefly about 2020, when the Roughnecks went into Arlington and pummeled the Renegades at home. We had a good laugh as he signed the card, and I told him he almost gave me a heart attack by giving up a few big plays that led to the OT effort by the Brahmas that weekend.

Holley, Nick

CARDS: Topps XFL 2020, Topps XFL 2020 Now
ACQUIRED: IP 2023, San Antonio Brahmas v Houston Roughnecks


  • Nick Holley was a multi-talented athlete that did it all for Kent State on offense from 2013-17.
  • He played WR, RB and QB over his time at the school.
  • As a RB in 2016, he carried the rock 195 times for 920 yards and 10 TDs.
  • Going undrafted, he eventually latched on with the Rams in 2018.
  • In 2020, he joined the Houston Roughnecks.
  • A key contributor to the Roughnecks 5-0 run, Holley could be seen in the slot for H-Town.
  • He posted 21 receptions for 267 yards and 2 TDs.
  • Nick returned again to the XFL in 2023, with the Roughnecks as a late signing.
  • He started 3 games, catching passes for 47 yards and a TD.
  • Inextricably he’d be cut, much to the disappointment of Roughneck fans whom he became a fan favorite of.
  • The Brahmas immediately claimed him, and within two games he was a key contributor to the Brahmas beating the Orlando Guardians, catching 4 passes for 103 yards in their win.
  • On the ’23 season Nick finished with 14 catches for 192 yards and a TD.


Nick was a major factor in my XFL Fantasy Championship run, so I had to get his autograph on his cards. Nick joined the Brahmas before playing the Roughnecks, so I packed his cards and bet he might stop by the visitors side to talk to Roughneck fans and players. I was right, and I was able to get him to come over and sign these two cards for me. The Topps Now card of Nick, I’d probably have never risked in the mail as the print run on this card is just 169.