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Harris, Ajene

Topps XFL 2020, #61

CARD: Topps XFL 2020
ACQUIRED: IP 2023, San Antonio Brahmas v Houston Roughnecks


  • Ajene Harris displayed solid versatility for USC, playing DB, PR, and WR during his time at the school.
  • Over his last 3 years for the Trojans, he posted 144 total tackles, and 6 picks.
  • After spending training camp with the Eagles, Ajene joined the Houston Roughnecks in 2020.
  • As part of a gambling, dangerous secondary, Ajene posted 20 tackles.
  • He’d play for the Pittsburgh Maulers of the USFL in 2022 and post a tackle before returning again to the XFL.
  • Like an old glove, Ajene returned to the Roughnecks for 2023.
  • Picked on relentlessly by QBs Harris posted pretty good numbers on the outside.
  • He had 5 interceptions (league leader) for 15 yards, and 31 total tackles.
  • After the XFL Roughnecks were dispersed, he was selected by the Arlington Renegades for the upcoming 2024 season.


Ajene came over and signed this lone card for me. He loved that I had the OG Roughnecks jersey on, and told me that I needed to get a jersey of him next. He and I talked briefly about 2020, when the Roughnecks went into Arlington and pummeled the Renegades at home. We had a good laugh as he signed the card, and I told him he almost gave me a heart attack by giving up a few big plays that led to the OT effort by the Brahmas that weekend.

Heinicke, Taylor (2)

Panini Prestige 2015, #288

CARDS: Topps XFL 2020, Sage 2015, Panini Prestige 2015
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o The Washington Commanders
SENT: 8/22/22 RECEIVED: 4/1/23 (222 days)
FAILURE: TTM 2020, C/o The Washington Football Club



No clue as to why I didn’t get the cards I sent out in 2020 back from Taylor. He was signing at a really good click and I guess that’s the luck of the draw right? I reloaded and waited until a better time- which appeared in 2022. He became sort of a folk hero for the Commanders over the last few years, but the team opted not to resign him after the ’22 season, so he packed his bags and headed out for Atlanta. I figured these cards were lost as well but eventually they made their way back to me.

Taylor has seen stops with the Texans, Panthers and Washington since his time as a rookie in Minnesota. In 2020 he joined the XFL and was widely expected to be a star in the young league, but got beat to the punch by Jordan Ta’Amu. Despite not seeing almost any playing time in the XFL 20, Taylor is considered one of the more ‘famous’ success stories of that league.

Maponga, Stansly

CARDS: Topps XFL 2020 Certified, Topps XFL 2020
ACQUIRED: IP 2023, San Antonio Brahmas v Orlando Guardians


  • Defensive Lineman Stansly Maponga played college ball at TCU from 2010-12.
  • In 2011 he posted 55 total tackles, 13.5 TFL, 9 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles.
  • He was a 5th round pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.
  • After not making the final cuts, he was resigned to the practice squad by the Falcons.
  • The Giants signed him later in 2017 to their regular season roster, and then retained him on their practice squad after the year.
  • Maponga then spent the next year or two of and on the practice squad and in the futures contract game with the Cowboys (2017), and Broncos (2017-18).
  • In late 2019, he’d be the first defender selected by the Seattle Dragons of the XFL for 2020.
  • On the 5 game season, he’d post 15 tackles.
  • After a brief flirtation with the Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL (2021), he’d be selected by the Orlando Guardians of the XFL 2023.
  • On the season Stansly posted 22 total tackles, and 2.5 sacks starting 9 games for the Guardians.


Stansly was another player within earshot as he left the field to go back to the locker room after warm-ups. He got past me, but when I called out his name, he was probably impressed that I knew how to pronounce it properly in the first place- turned around and came back to me. He graciously signed this card for me. I was really impressed by the broadness of his shoulders. He had gigantic shoulder pads for his size. We also joked about the fact he played for the Dragons, sans ‘Sea’.