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Cook, Marv (2)

Cards: Score 1993, GameDay 1992, Action Packed 1991, Action Packed 1992
Acquired: 2012, Akron Acquisition. 2017, TTM C/o Home
Sent: 9/28   Received: 10/07  (9 days)
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After his NFL career concluded in 1996, Marv has become a well respected coach at the high school level in Iowa City, IA winning numerous state titles. He has some great cards and after getting the Score 1993 in 2012 C/o the Akron Acquisition, I thought I’d go ahead and get a few more since he’s a great signer through the mail.

The Score 1993 card is a really conservative design, anchored well on the left and bottom- but among the pantheon of card designs this was a pretty boring look. A few nitpicks- They typeface used is too narrow making the team and position difficult to read. Maybe it’s just because of the color scheme, but this looks like it belongs on a Domino’s Pizza box.

Marv’s Action Packed entries are typical of this set. Good sports photography supported by the embossed gimmick. The minimal works here, because of the punchy mid-range photography, although in the 1992 entry the nameplate is lost in the photo.  On the 1992 entries it was a nice touch with the red stripe used for AFC teams while the blue stripe used for NFC.

I always had a weak spot for the GameDay cards. GameDay was interesting because it was the only Long Tom set on the market. I loved this set specifically for that look alone which not only separated itself from the competition on the market, but resembled a ticket, standing out from the crowd at an event. This card of Marv, I think the photo was from the game in which he caught a TD in an epic upset over the Houston Oilers at Foxboro Stadium.


Cook, Marv

Cards: SkyBox 1992, Proset 1991
Acquired: TTM 1992, 1993, Patriots Blitz

Marv Cook was another underrated player out of the University of Iowa, finishing second on the school’s all-time list with 126 catches. Drafted by the New England Patriots during their darkest times in 1989, Marv Cook would lead AFC tight ends in receptions  in 1991 when the team bottomed out. Surprisingly in 1991 he’d also be named first-team AP as his 82 receptions ranked 4th in the league that season. At the time Tecmo Super Bowl rewarded him by- making him one of the slowest receivers EVER. It didn’t help that Cook offered up a woeful 8.8 yards a reception over his career with the Patriots, but he could be counted on to make the catch in those 4 seasons with the team. Among his other accomplishments with the Patsies was that he was the first tight end in the history of the franchise to finish 3 consecutive seasons with 50 or more receptions. In 1994 Cook would head over to the Bears, starting 8 games and then finish out his career in 1995 with the St. Louis Rams in two lackluster seasons. While with the Patriots Marv wore two different jersey numbers: 46 and 85. At the time of this post Marv currently is coaching football and associated with a financial advisor network.

G/Gs 112/77   Rec  257     Yds   2190    Avg  8.5      Td  13   Lg 49