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Elias, Keith (2)


CARDS: Topps XFL 2001, FCA
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 3/22 RECEIVED: 4/8 (17 days)



That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

-Romans 10:9
Topps XFL 2001, #71


Keith was kind enough to include a copy of his Fellowship of Christian Athletes card. The Topps XFL 2001 set at first was one I really hated, but over the years, it has really grown on me.

Sabb, Dwayne (2) ‘Big Sabb’

1992 Gameday, #401

CARDS: Skybox Primetime 1992, Topps XFL 2001, Gameday 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 4/11/22 RECEIVED: 4/20/22 (9 days)


Topps XFL 2001, #46


I’ve been digging deep into the Topps XFL 2001 set recently, and when I saw that Big Saab was signing TTM all of a sudden, I quickly dropped these cards in the mail to him.

I sometimes send out 5 or 6 requests at a time and I accidentally sent out Big Saab’s envelope without it being prepped. I felt like such an idiot opening up my PO Box and finding the empty envelope inside. Luckily I had only flushed a GameDay 1992 card and had a duplicate on hand to reload with.

1992 Primetime, #204

McGuffey, Corte

Topps XFL 2001, #43

Card: Topps XFL 2001
Acquired: TTM 2021, C/o Home
Sent: 4/3 Received: 4/24 (21 days)


  • When Corte McGuffey graduated from Northern Colorado, he virtually owned all the school’s passing records.

  • Was not selected in 2000 draft but spent time in camp with the St. Louis Rams.

  • Selected by the New York – New Jersey Hitmen of the XFL in 2001.

  • Despite not seeing action until nearly the 8th game of the season, Corte had 329 yards passing and also punted 1 time for 51 yards.

  • Was hoping to play football another year or two, but with the league folding, he opted to become an orthodontist. 

XFL 2001



  • 1999 Harlon Hill Trophy Winner


Corte sent me a nice note thanking me for being a fan and wishing me all the best.