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Vaughan, Dustin

Cards: Crown Royale 2014, Panini Optic 2014, Topps AAF 2019 Red Parallel (88/99), Topps AAF 2019 Certified
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 5/3 Received: 5/9 (6 days)


  • Dustin Vaughan played QB for West Texas A&M from 2010-13.
  • In 2013, finished as the runner up for the Harlon Hill Award, shattering NCAA passing records with 5,401 passing yards.
  • His 54 TDs that season were also a school record.
  • Went unselected but was immediately signed by the Dallas Cowboys after the 2014 Draft.
  • Cut shortly after making the Cowboys regular season roster as the team decided to go with 2 QBs for the season.
  • Over the next few years, spent time as an offseason addition to the Bills (2015), Steelers (2016), and Ravens (2016-17).
  • Joined the AAF as a territorial allocation of the San Antonio Commanders in 2018/9.
  • Commanders selected Vaughan as their #1 pick in the AAFs Pick or Protect Draft.
  • Team viewed Vaughan as the ‘QB of their Future’.
  • Finished as the Commanders’ 3rd string QB behind Logan Woodside and Marquise Williams.


Dustin didn’t really any playing time besides some relief duty in the Commanders’ romp over the Hotshots in Arizona, but as he was the team’s #1 pick, he got all the accoutrements afforded to him such as a trading card and a jersey. -The jersey was probably a life lesson to a lot of people. Before the team even hit the field, there were people buying them anticipating the Vaughan era to begin in SA, but the team and league were very quiet about the starting lineup. It wasn’t until actual game day that it was revealed that Woodside was the starter. I just remember how surreal it was walking around the outside of the stadium and people were buying and wearing these hundred dollar jerseys of a guy who didn’t even start a game.

Gilbert, Garrett (2)

Panini Select 2014, #122 Topps AAF NOW 2019, #2

CARDS: Panini Select 2016, Topps AAF Now 2019
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 7/28 RECEIVED: 8/29 (32 DAYS)


  • See Garrett Gilbert

  • After spending both 2019 and 2020 briefly with the Browns, was signed by the Dallas Cowboys off Cleveland’s practice squad.

  • Was starter in Week 9 against the Steelers, after injury bug hit the Cowboys QB rotation.

  • Threw for 243 yards, a TD and an INT in first meaningful NFL game.

  • Signed by New England Patriots and placed on team’s practice squad for 2021, finishing the season on the roster of the Redskins.

  • In March of 22, signed with the Las Vegas Raiders


I had still wanted to get Garrett on one more card of his- this Topps AAF Now card of his. In a take no risk get no reward situation, I took a shot at an address I found in Ohio (while he was still on the Browns). He signed these two cards for me in a bit under 30 days. Recently I also picked up his AAF Apollos jersey. Maybe if he does another event around here I’ll consider getting it and my custom art signed by him.