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George, Jeff (2)

Cards: Topps 1990, Score 1990, Fleer 1990, Gameday 1992, Skybox 1993-94 Colors
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 3/23 Received: 11/5 (227 days)
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Ah Jeff George- One of the most reliable TTM respondents in the business. I had originally gotten him way back in 2011 on 3 cards- but over the years had stocked up on some absolutely beautifully designed canvases I wanted to see his autograph grace. Usually a very quick signer, I was surprised to wait some 220+ days for his autographs on these cards, however true to his ways, I just had to be patient and they showed up.

Probably my favorite among them is this Skybox 1993-94 card. I only discovered these cards right at the intersection of my dead cat bounce in collecting- and right as the industry really started going off the rails. At the time, something as over produced as this with the duotone background was still novel. Photoshop and current design standards we take for granted today were barely getting off the ground. I only got a few of these from packs at a Hollywood Video, but I’ve kicked the tires a few times about buying a box wholesale now.

Jeff’s 1992 Gameday card is solid. It’s obvious that I was at the bottom of his mailbag- as he dispensed with the formality of personalizing the cards, and his signature looks a bit rushed on these cards. The framing itself is a great example of when Gameday’s design decisions really paid off as this canvas is exciting and it looks as though he is launching off of it.

I did feel guilty asking for 5 but, I reasoned that I had held off sending back to him for 8 years or so- so that made me feel a bit better about breaking my own rule.

Of these three other college uniform cards, I didn’t have the Fleer one, and it was considered rare back in the day. I got a box of Fleer 90 a few months ago, and I had forgotten how simple and elegant these cards were- despite the floating helmet. I remember Josh laughing at the Score 90 card because George wasn’t even throwing in the shot. He was even less generous about the Topps 90 one, but myself I do appreciate it as you rarely see a well composed shot of a QB under center next to his hogs.

In 2019 Jeff was spotted taking his son Jayden- an accomplished pro-style quarterback on recruiting visits around the country. Although his response took a while, Jeff did take the time to read my letter and in response to my suggestion that he consider coaching in the XFL- he wrote on the letter, “Perhaps in the future.”

Reed, Andre


Cards: Action Packed 1992, SkyBox 1992, Pinnacle 1993
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 2/13   Received: 2/24  (11 days)

A real fast turn around from a big name.  I was really excited to get this one in the mail, especially considering that it is from such a fleet receiver as Andre Reed. He signed all 3 cards and also included a business card with his email and address for his new line of BBQ sauce.

Andre Reed is needless to say, Kutztown Pa College’s most prestigious’ football player to ever play in the NFL. Drafted in the 4th round by the Buffalo Bills during the 1985 draft, he’d be the second most prolific receiver behind all-time great Jerry Rice. This draft in particular was incredibly stocked at receiver with names such as Jerry Rice, Eddie Brown, Al Toon, Reggie Langhorne,  and Eric Martin, coming out of this draft. Andre is considered by all points and purposes one of the great finds of this draft. I’m not sure if he’s considered a steal, because nobody knew who he really was. He was a small town find by the Bills staff.

Andre’s career started off anonymously enough with a respectable rookie season lodging 637 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a meaty 13.3 yard per catch. Notably his yard per catch would become almost a signature of Reed’s career. Over a 16 year career- he’d only have 3 seasons under 13 yards a reception. (A particularly salivating number in today’s pass happy NFL world.) Andre would build off of his rookie season as his receptions and yards would increase through 1988, culminating in his first of 7 Pro Bowl appearances that would last through 1994. In 1989 he’d have a career high 1312 yards, and post career highs in touchdowns with 10 in 1991. Reed in 1993 would have a whopping 16.4 yards a catch and over that period would play in 3 SuperBowls, finishing 3rd in the big game in yards and 2nd in receptions. An injury would sideline him in 1995, but he’d make a full recovery in 1996, logging his 4th 1000 yard season. From 1997 through 2000, Reed’s career would slowly transition downwards, and in 2000 he signed with the Broncos. Unable to make a contribution to the team, he was released and played his final season with the Redskins before retiring.
Reed’s career statistics, when looking at them year over year can be deceptive. While not a perennial 1,000 yard receiver, Andre was an integral part of the no huddle Bills offense in conjunction with Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas. His overall career numbers in yardage at the time of retirement were top 10 and his receptions were third all time. Andre Reed has been eligible for the Pro Football HoF since 2006, but has missed the final ballot on every shot. With a large group of receivers who are becoming eligible for the HoF nomination, it is cloudy to say whether or not Andre will get his true due as a member of the yellow jacket club.  Andre was inducted in the meantime into the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame in 2006.

He’s also started his own line of BBQ sauce as previously mentioned, called “Over the Middle”. Part of the proceeds of the sale of his sauce go to impoverished children. I am told that it is quite good, and may give it a shot here in the near future. In addition Reed has done occasional commentary on NFL games for Fox and appeared in “Pros Versus Joes” on Spike TV. In 2011, he was honored with announcing the Buffalo Bills 2nd round pick.

G/Gs  234/217     Rec 951     Yds 13198     Avg  13.9     Lg  87t    Td 83


George, Jeff

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1992, ProSet 1990, Score Supplemental 1990, Action Packed Rookies 1990, Special Insert
Acquired: TTM 1992, Colts Blitz, In Person 1997, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, TTM 2011, C/o home
Sent: 2/14   Received: 2/26  (12 days)

I sent out for Jeff’s autograph as part of the Colts Blitz in 1992, where he managed to stamp my cards and send me a special insert autograph. The ink pooled and the stamp was really bad on my Action Packed Rookies and ProSet card. I was not happy about it, but put them in my collection anyway. Years later I’d get his autograph on a card at Cowboys training camp in 1997 when he was with the Raiders. I decided in 2010 to send out for him. He always had some killer cards that I liked and I heard he was an exceptional TTM signer. I decided to send Action Packed Rookies 1990, ProSet 1990, and a Score Supplemental 1990 for him to sign.  George had some great cards, (Fleer 1990 and Score 1990 were also some great looking finalists) and it was a really hard decision on what to send but I was just happy to get these cards signed that looked like black eyes in my collection for so long in such a short amount of time. He also included another special insert card, which was exactly the same as the one picture above from 1992, validating that it was indeed a print.
With a cannon for an arm Jeff George is one of the most prolific passers to come out of the University of Illinois. Almost coming out of nowhere in to lead the class of 1990, George had the Colts salivating to get him. The problem was, the Falcons held the #1 overall pick. Led by crafty coach Jerry Glanville, he and his staff exploited Indianapolis’ interest in George and fleeced the Colts, getting T Chris Hinton, WR Andre Rison, and the Colts #1 pick in 1991 all in exchange for the rights to draft Jeff George #1 in 1990.  The hype machine worked as the Falcons had Hinton and Rison as building blocks to propel them back into the playoffs for the first time in almost 10 years. The Colts felt they were one player away with the deal and while things looked optimistic early with George under center- everything else went backwards.  His rookie season was actually quite good, as Jeff threw for 16 TDs, 13 Int and 2100 yards; However, playoff pressure continued to mount over the next 3 seasons. In 1991, the team collapsed to a 1-15 record. While George would remain consistent, with injuries and holdouts piling up on Eric Dickerson at runningback, teams began to key heavily on Jeff. -He was sacked a league leading 56 times. 1992, would be an injury plagued year for George. I remember against the Oilers, that season, George did not start due to injury. The Oilers dismantled Colts quarterback Jack Trudeau. Forced to start  Tom Tupa for the remainder of the contest- the Oilers then knocked him out of the game. George came in under center on the last series and on the first snap- unprovoked- Sean Jones came across the line offsides and dropped George. George got up woozy and this is basically how the last 3 seasons went in Indy for the maligned quarterback. Despite throwing 7 touchdowns to 15 interceptions, George appeared to be on his way up and the team finished 6-4 with him under center starting 10 games battling injuries in 1992. 1993 would return the team to a the downward slide, and by season’s end George would be the black sheep of Indianapolis. Once the heralded savior of hometown Indianapolis- George was rode out in the middle of the night in 1994 in a trade- ironically to the team that sold the Colts the bill of goods in the first place- the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons era of George’s career was impressive. Jeff was allowed to blossom into a gunslinger in the Red Gun offense under coaching guru June Jones.  He’d have a breakout season with career highs in nearly all his passer categories in 1994. It appeared as though a change of scenery was all Jeff needed. In 1995 he’d top his previous season’s numbers. It would be his second season in a row with 500+ attempts and a qb rating of 89.5. Unfortunately in 1996 George and Jones had a nasty exchange on the sidelines that was caught on camera. Jones reacted by benching George for the remainder of the season- something that Jones in retrospect has come to acknowledge may have been a mistake. From there George garnered an unfortunate moniker as a cancer. He’d be dealt to the Raiders in 1997 where he again got the chance to redeem himself.

Al Davis loves himself his speed. He also loves gunslingers- and George fit this bill to the T.  Embraced by the Raiders George came out and had one of his finest seasons leading the league with 3917 yards passing, 29 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, a 91.2 qb rating, but was sacked again a league leading 58 times. He’d throw 500 or more attempts for the 3rd time in his career. I’d get his autograph in training camp that season where he signed my Action Packed 1992 card. A cool guy, he signed stacks of cards for fans. 1998 would be an injury plagued season for George, and he’d be bounced after the season.

He’d sign a free agent contract with the Vikings in 1999 and again reinvent himself under Dennis Green with another fine season, throwing 23 touchdowns and a gaudy 14.7 yards per throw (to up and coming wide receiver Randy Moss) in 10 games.  He’d sign with the Redskins the following year as a backup, but would see starting time through the season as starter Brad Johnson would either be injured or ineffective. In 2000, he’d be named the defacto starter under new head coach Marty Schottenheimer, but only lasted 2 weeks in Marty’s more play action oriented offense- thus beginning the journeyman phase of George’s career.

In 2002, after sitting out nearly a year and a half- there’d be a Jeff George sighting in Seattle as an emergency quarterback. He’d show up again in 2004 as a backup in Chicago and in Oakland again in 2006- (reunited with Randy Moss) but never see playing time in any stop.

George has not officially retired, and at this time remains in ‘playing shape’, ready to take the reins up to play quarterback at the ripe age of 42.  I suggested to him playing a season in the UFL to prove his worth to a team but did not receive a response from him. He continues to make occasional radio and TV appearances, and has from time to time received attention from the league in tryouts but has been unable to secure a roster spot on a team.  In the meantime he remains active with his charity for women’s awareness for breast cancer and has made an appearance on Spikes “Pros Versus Joes” . Below are his statistics and a few videos on George, including an amazing workout circa 2009.

G/Gs  131/124    Att  3967     Comp 2298    Yds  27602      Pct  57.9       Td  154     Int  113    Rat 80.4    Lg 85

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