Largent, Steve (2)

Card: ProSet 1989
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 5/27  Received: 6/17  (22 days)
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I went ahead and sent out to Steve Largent TTM in 2011 since I got his autograph way, way, back in the 1990s at a conference in Austin.  After working with a Christian Athlete’s association Steve went into politics in Oklahoma where he was elected on his conservative record to  Congress. He ran for governor of Oklahoma but lost narrowly in a highly contested election. Since that time Steve moved back to the Seattle, Washington area where he worked as president of CTIA, – a wireless lobbying firm.

I sent off to him in late May and was happy to get his autograph back on this Pro Set 1989 card.  Unfortunately he only signed 1 of 2 cards- ignoring the 1978 Topps I also included. Still, I am happy to have reacquired Steve for my collection on this Pro Set 1989 card, which frames him in action flawlessly.