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Largent, Steve (4)

CARDS: Upper Deck Legends 1997 Marquee Matchup, Proline 1992, Panini Luminance 2018
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home*
SENT: 5/7 RECEIVED: 5/20 (13 days)


Upper Deck Legends 1997 Marquee Matchups, #MM11


I really got into these Upper Deck Legends Marquee Matchups too late, but for the ones I could get I have been extremely pleased to get a few dual autographs on. Getting both Charlie Joiner and Steve Largent on the same card for a cheap price was worth it- especially for these two legends.

Despite his playing career ending early in the card revolution, Steve has continued to have a bevy of cards released. I really like the Panini Luminance set, even with the gaudy looking script typeface and despite my known hate for the Pro Line set, this one really was a great canvas to have his autograph grace.

Largent, Steve (3)

Card: Upper Deck Legends 1997
Acquired: EBay, 2020
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Among the remainder of any cards out there that I needed of Steve, this was probably it. A set need, I really enjoyed the Upper Deck Legends 1997 set. This is a great photo of Steve, on a simple yet well designed canvas. After his political career fizzled out, Largent moved back to Oklahoma where he serves on the board at Tulsa. He rarely has signed through the mail since 2017 really and this didn’t set me back at all to acquire this certified on card autograph.

As the Seahawks have recently discovered their legacy, Steve has seen a renaissance of sorts in popularity- with current Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf even sporting his jersey in 2019, calling Steve, “The GOAT.” Steve himself is a big DK Metcalf fan and believes that he has a great career in front of him. In 2020, Metcalf shattered Largent’s single season receiving yardage record- to which Steve called DK up and congratulated him. Steve is pretty much retired and lives in Tulsa full-time and speaks to his former QB Jim Zorn on a weekly basis.

Largent, Steve (2)

Card: ProSet 1989
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 5/27  Received: 6/17  (22 days)
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I went ahead and sent out to Steve Largent TTM in 2011 since I got his autograph way, way, back in the 1990s at a conference in Austin.  After working with a Christian Athlete’s association Steve went into politics in Oklahoma where he was elected on his conservative record to  Congress. He ran for governor of Oklahoma but lost narrowly in a highly contested election. Since that time Steve moved back to the Seattle, Washington area where he worked as president of CTIA, – a wireless lobbying firm.

I sent off to him in late May and was happy to get his autograph back on this Pro Set 1989 card.  Unfortunately he only signed 1 of 2 cards- ignoring the 1978 Topps I also included. Still, I am happy to have reacquired Steve for my collection on this Pro Set 1989 card, which frames him in action flawlessly.