Howley, Chuck (2)

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Cards: ProSet 1990 Super Bowl MVP,  Upper Deck Legends 1997
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Home
Sent: 3/12    Received:  3/18     (6 days)
See Also:  Chuck Howley

Considered one of the greatest linebackers Tom Landry had ever seen, the bionic Chuck Howley split time between the Bears and the Cowboys. It would be with his Super Bowl V efforts, (the only one in which a player from the losing player won the MVP honors,) that Chuck really received his due.  The next season the Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl VI, and Chuck retired officially after the 1973 season.  The 6 time Pro Bowler, and 5 time All Pro, made every one of those years playing for the Cowboys and is a member of the 20/20 club – with more than 20 interceptions and sacks in their career (although sacks weren’t an official statistic until 1982).  A cornerstone of the “Doomsday Defense”, the Cowboys traded a 2nd and 9th round pick to the Chicago Bears to acquire Howley, who had suffered from a catastrophic knee injury that kept him out of the previous 1960 season.  He earned numerous accolades since retirement from his native West Virginia where he was born and also from the state of Texas. The Cowboys inducted Howley into their Ring of Honor in 1977.  Chuck Howley- What a name. Just has that iconic ring to it that screams physical, down in the dirt, classic, football player. Now this is definitely a Cowboy I’d vouch for that deserves to be in the HoF. He’s got the stats, the championship, and the MVP honor.

I had been kicking the can down the road on Chuck for a while, but I had these two great cards sitting around and had to give it a shot. The ProSet 1990 Super Bowl MVP cards, that were included in the set, covered SuperBowls I-XXIV. Merv Corning did some amazing illustration for these pieces and I’d love to get a few more of these signed. I’ve also become fond of the Upper Deck Legends 1997 set. There’s some excellent photography, design, and typography in this definitive set.