Bentley, Ray (2)

CARDS: Topps 1990, ProSet 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2024, C/o Home
SENT: 1/23 RECEIVED: 2/7 (15 days)



Besides getting a variety of children’s books published he created, Ray has also been involved in the Spring football league scene. He served as an advisor at one point for the USFL. When writing him I went off on a giant tangent about Spring football and how important it is to me and these players. He kindly responded with a nice greeting card of his Darby the Dinosaur, and inside he wrote that he also enjoys watching Spring football as well.

Originally I sent Ray 3 cards, and included a Score 1991, forgetting that I had already acquired this as part of the Akron Acquisition back in 2011. I threw in his Topps card because Ray was one of the original players who dolled themselves up with the eye paint back in the day. His Pro Set 1990 photo is an extremely underrated action shot perfectly encapsulated on this card.