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Rouen, Tom

Cards: Wild Card WLAF 1992, Topps 1994
Acquired: TTM 2017, C/o Home
Sent: 7/11    Received: 8/21    (41 days)

In 1989 Tom earned first team All-Big Eight and consensus All-American honors at Colorado, with a 45.9 yard average per punt and 43.9 yard net- leading the nation.  In 1990 he earned second team honors as he ranked fourth in the conference with 54 punts and a 40.8 yard average. After going unselected in the NFL draft, he bounced around training camps before ultimately signing with the WLAF.

Like Chris Mohr before him, Tom made the best of his one year stint in the league, punting 48 times for 1,992 yards and a 41.5 yard average, playing for the Ohio Glory. He also boomed an 85 yard punt and had 14 kicks downed within the 20 yard line. For his efforts he was named to the All-World League squad.

He’d bide his time but eventually sign with an NFL team in 1993, replacing tenured punter Mike Horan in Denver.  Rouen went on to play for the Broncos for the next 8 seasons. During that period he’d etch his name into the team’s record books and earn All-Pro Honors once in 1994.  In 2002, he had a whirlwind tour of the league. Cut by the Broncos, Tom signed and was cut by the Giants and then was subsequently picked up by Pittsburgh.  Afterwards he spent his next two NFL seasons (2003-2004) in Seattle.  Rouen still wanted to play and saw action in the training camps of Carolina and back to Seattle (both 2005). Later he’d attempt one last shot with the 49ers in 2006, but failed to unseat incumbent Andy Lee.

Tom is a member of the Denver Broncos 50th Anniversary Team. Technically it appears that Tom is the last man standing from the WLAF- as Chris Mohr retired the previous season.

WLAF  10/0      P  48        YDS 1992         LG 85     BLK   0
NFL   188/0       P  810     YDS  35189     LG 76     BLK   9

Jackson, Steve (2) (DB)

to94 sjacksonCards: Topps Stadium Club 1994, Topps 1994, GameDay 1994
Acquired: IP 7/11/15, Houston Oilers 25th Anniversary Party
See Also: Steve Jackson

All smiles from Steve Jackson, the matridee of the Houston Oilers 25th Anniversary Party and president of Steve Jackson Foundation as everything for the event seemed to go off perfectly. Dapperly dressed in a plaid jacket, Steve was incredibly friendly, even going so far as to invite any and all Houston Oilers fans to the afterparty at Prospect Park. Once I finally got to him, he was more than happy to sign all these cards for me.

gday94 jacksonHe knew I was a true fan when I talked to him about the Oilers 10-3 win over the San Fransisco 49ers at Candlestick Park in 1993. It was the first time in over 10 years the 49ers had been held without a TD in their home stadium. Jackson would seal the deal, picking Steve Young off in the endzone as TE Brent Jones committed a flagrant facemask to try to get Jackson to drop the ball.

Jackson also knew exactly what moment the Topps 1994 took place as well, telling me that if they had instant replay back then in 1993, this play would have sealed the game against the Chiefs in the playoffs. Still Steve managed to pick off Joe Montana as well, but the Oilers fell 28-20. A valuable and impressive special teams contributor, Steve played with the Oilers through their transition to Tennessee, and has since spent time coaching at the pro ranks.

tosc94 sjacksonAt the time of the production of these cards, I was completely out of the market. Both of the Topps relesases (base Topps and Stadium Club) are daring in presentation, but garish by today’s standards. The Stadium Club entry is a complete departure from their previous entries. Abandoning the style completely that distinguished Stadium Club from other entries, I’m not really sure if it had a positive impact on sales.  The Topps 1994 base card with its rounded design is a nice departure from the angular designs that Topps settled into there over the last 15 years or so, but the type feels completely out of place, with the formal script and the square sans serif occupying the same space so near eachother. Again nothing but good things to say about Gameday. The card lets the picture do most of the talking and keeps everything neatly at the bottom.