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Rice, Tony ‘Antonio Arroz’

psetwlaf91 riceCards: Pro Set World League 1991, Ultimate WLAF 1991
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Work
Sent: 9/10/13   Received:   5/17/14   (250 days)
Failure: TTM 2011, C/o Blue & Gold Magazine

An amazing quarterback at Notre Dame, Tony Rice finished with an incredible 28-3 record for the Irish. When the nation was in full bloom love the Notre Dame football during the late 80’s, if Rocket Ismail gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, they were talking about Rice’s ability to come alive and win games with his will and sheer athleticism. During that period, Tony led the Irish to the National Championship in 1988 and narrowly missed one in 1989.

The college ranks were a completely different animal back then. Players weren’t scouted and groomed for NFL success like they are today.  Rice was looked down on by scouts because he was an option quarterback with great rushing stats, but not so amazing passing stats. He did not get drafted in 1990, so Tony played in the CFL for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Unable to crack the lineup ult92 ricebehind starter Kent Austin, Rice elected to join the WLAF in 1991. Drafted by the Barcelona Dragons, the league attemped to lean on the Dragons to trade Rice to the Knights, because he was still popular in the states, but Barcelona refused. In the meantime, he’d split time with Scott Erney as the team rolled to World Bowl I against the London Monarchs.  During the season the Spanish translation of his name became quite popular and he was referred to in the media as ‘Antonio Arroz’.  Again, much like his time at Notre Dame,  Rice would demonstrate his ability to wreck opposing defensive gameplans with oppritune scrambling. He’d rush for 210 yards and 2 TDs in 33 carries. The Dragons finished as European Division Champs in 1992, but lose to the eventual World Bowl Champion Sacramento Surge. While the WLAF would reorganize after the season, Rice decided to hang around in Europe for an additional season, playing for the Munich Thunder of the Football League of Europe.  At the time of the league’s suspension, Tony was the leading rusher in WLAF history, at the quarterback position.

He worked for the Notre Dame “Blue and Gold” magazine publication for a few years, and I had heard rumors through the grapevine as to where he was at. Currently he’s with HUB International. Cross referencing with other sources I was able to peg down his actual location and shot these cards out to him last year. After failing previously in 2011, I was gunshy about giving him another shot, but when it comes to TTM autographs, -with no risk, there is no reward. I was pretty happy to get this one back with a small note inside “Apologizing for the wait, Your Friend, Tony Rice”, and the two autographed cards.

WLAF    Att 186     Comp 91     Yds 1228      Pct 48.9%        Td 1     Int 5      Rat  61.0  |
Rush 44      Yds 312    Avg 7.1     Lg 24     Td 3


Hart, Roy

psetwlaf91 hartCards: ProSet WLAF 1991, Ultimate WLAF 1992
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o work
Sent: 2/7    Received:  3/4    (24 days)

Roy Hart was a 6th round selection by the Seattle Seahawks out of South Carolina  in 1988. After injuring his hamstring in the opener, Roy didn’t see action on the field until the next year in 1989, where he played in 16 games and recorded 2 sacks and 18 tackles.

The London Monarchs drafted Roy in 1991, and he’d become an integral part of their monster defense as the starting nose tackle in the team’s 3-4 alignment.  The Monarchs were a relatively well received curiosity in London, and the defense was nicknamed “The Hart Attack Defense” after Roy. He’d finish the season with 10.5 sacks (2nd in the league behind teammate Danny Lockett) and a team leading 84 tackles.  The team finished 9-1 and cruised to a 21-0 victory over the Barcelona Dragons, powered largely by the team’s defense.Dick Vermeil during the World Bowl noted that Hart is a dangerous nose guard when he is allowed to use his quickness to jump around the center. Roy was named to the All-World League First team after the season.

ultwlaf92 tvsched 1Roy returned to the NFL as a member of the Los Angeles Raiders later that year, and then the Jets in 1992. He’d then play for the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1993, and the Las Vegas Posse in 1994.

Another difficult name to locate, I got lucky when I saw a photo from a person’s recent trip to Vegas that mentioned him, his NFL pedigree, and what he was currently up to. Cross referencing the information led me to a networking site, and gave me his job. Looking at his job’s website, revealed many emails, but not his, – however taking one last leap of faith I emailed him based on the format of his co-ultwlaf92 monarchsworkers’ emails, and amazingly got a hold of him where he was honored to sign a few cards for me. When I got the envelope back it had been meticulously taped back together. Apparently either the mailman or Roy had torn this envelope to shreds, but I have to give them props for getting it back to me.

NFL  1/0     Tac N/a     Sac 2.0   Fum 0
Int   0    Yds   0     Avg  -.-     Td  0     Lg -.-

WLAF     Tac        Sac  11.0     Fum  0
Int  0    Yds  0     Avg  -.-    Td 0     Lg -.-

Garrett, Judd

 wcardwlaf92 garrettultwlaf1992 garrett llpsetwlaf91 garrettpset91wl ju garrettpsetwlaf91 garrett wbpsetwlaf91 garrett ll

 Cards: ProSet WLAF 1991, Ultimate WLAF 1992, ProSet WLAF 1991 LL, ProSet WLAF 1991 WB, Ultimate WLAF 1992 LL, Wild Card WLAF 1992
Acquired: In Person 1993, TTM 2011, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, C/o The Dallas Cowboys
Sent: 8/13  Received: 8/20  (7 days)
Failure: 2010, C/o The Dallas Cowboys

The Garrett family has a long lineage of players who have made it to the professional level. Father Jim, and brothers Jason and John have all played or coached in the NFL or WLAF.

Judd Garrett was drafted in the 12th round of the 1990 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He’d be released, but quickly placed on Dallas’ IR list. The WLAF London Monarchs would draft Judd to play runningback for the team in 1991.  While Garrett would spend very little of his time rushing the ball, he’d be an exceptional receiver out of the backfield, making a league high 71 receptions in 1991. In World Bowl I, he’d set a World League record with 13 receptions during the game. He’d return to the Monarchs in 1992, and while the team sunk, Judd would still amass 55 more receptions, finishing his brief career as the WLAF’s leading receiver with 126 catches.  He’s also notable as being the first points scored in the WLAF as he was stuffed in the endzone by the Frankfurt Galaxy for a safety.

ult92 jugarrettAfter playing for the WLAF he’d sign with the Cowboys again. I’d get his autograph at camp but he’d not make the squad. Garrett would play in the CFL for two seasons after that with the Las Vegas Posse (1994) and the San Antonio Texans (1995) before his playing career ended.

Judd went into coaching where he’s served with the Saints (1997-1999), Dolphins (2000-2005), Rams (2006-2007) and is currently serving in the front office of the Cowboys along with his brothers Jason and John.  I attempted to get the autographs of all 3 earlier this year, but met with no success.  I sent again just to Judd in early August and was happy to get a seven day turn around plus a very nice thank-you letter for being a fan and for following him and the league.

G/Gs N/a     Rush  28         Yds    78         Avg  2.8     Td 0    Lg 15   |
Rec  126     Yds  1129    Avg 9.0   Td 2    Lg 47