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Joiner, Charlie (2)

Crown Royale 2010, #4
Upper Deck 1997 Marquee Matchup, #MM11

CARDS: Upper Deck Legends 1997, Crown Royale 2010
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o Home
SENT: 4/11 RECEIVED: 4/21 (10 days)



Chased the Upper Deck Legends Marquee Matchup 1997 cards while I could. It’s a great subset, but since- to me- it requires both players to be alive and reasonably obtainable, it’s a bit hard to complete out. This one was a potshot as Steve Largent started signing again, so I was able to get him first and then reload and get Charlie with this Crown Royale card. I like the CR card because the bottom half of the canvas feels like it was deliberately left blank, so an autograph only feels natural there.

Largent, Steve (4)

CARDS: Upper Deck Legends 1997 Marquee Matchup, Proline 1992, Panini Luminance 2018
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home*
SENT: 5/7 RECEIVED: 5/20 (13 days)


Upper Deck Legends 1997 Marquee Matchups, #MM11


I really got into these Upper Deck Legends Marquee Matchups too late, but for the ones I could get I have been extremely pleased to get a few dual autographs on. Getting both Charlie Joiner and Steve Largent on the same card for a cheap price was worth it- especially for these two legends.

Despite his playing career ending early in the card revolution, Steve has continued to have a bevy of cards released. I really like the Panini Luminance set, even with the gaudy looking script typeface and despite my known hate for the Pro Line set, this one really was a great canvas to have his autograph grace.