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Simms, Phil

sco90 simms HGCards: Pinnacle 1992, Score 1990 Hot Gun, 1990 Pro Set SuperBowl XXI MVP, Action Packed Rookies 1992
Acquired: 2012 & 2013, Canton Acquisition & TTM C/o Home
Sent: 4/5/2012     Received: 7/20/2013   (470 days)
Failure: 2011, C/o Home (RTS)

So here is one I totally wrote off. It seems rarer and rarer to get these long waits back, but finally on the second tenacious attempt, I got Phil Simms. Simms had previously returned cards I sent in 2011, -7 months later.  Even more frustrating for me, he continued to spontaneously respond to autograph requests through his address. I went ahead and fired out another shot. I had definitely given up on this after the one year marker, and became so sore about it, that I was more than happy to acquire a Simms through the ‘Canton Acquisition’. Recently again Phil had shown up on the autograph blotter, so I held out hope that something was going to happen, and lo and behold the Score, Pro Set, and Action Packed cards all came in the mail autographed at last, – a brisk 470 days after I had sent them.

aprks92 simmsSimms went to little known Morehead State- a school known more for its modest affordability, underrated class sizes, and a radio telescope/space tracking system that reaches the stars. Phil grew up in the Kentucky area, so this made perfect sense to him to attend here. Among his highlights for the college were leading the Ohio Valley Conference in passing in 1977, but as the team transitioned to a ball control offense his senior season, Phil’s numbers sunk. He had an impressive workout at the combine, so much so that the 49ers were planning to sneak him in as a 3rd round pick, -but in the end, they were beaten to the punch by the Giants, who invested a 1st rounder into Simms, calling him a ‘value pick’. As the boos reigned down from the audience who hated the pick, Simms wasn’t too happy about playing for New York either. Still, Simms managed to prove everybody wrong, and by the end of his rookie season, he finished second (to future teammate) Ottis Anderson in voting for rookie of the year in 1979. In 12 starts his rookie year, Phil threw for 1,743 yards and 13 touchdowns.

pset90 simms MVP


The Giants continued to struggle until 1984, with injuries, inconsistent play, quarterback controversies, and a head coaching change to Bill Parcells, but still Phil persevered, with a bit of work, conditioning, and tutelage. He’d turn it all around that year throwing for a club record 4,044 yards and 22 TDs in his first 16 game slate, then turn around prove it wasn’t a fluke throwing for 3,829 yards and 22 TD in 1985. 1986 proved to be the pinnacle of Phil’s career again with another 20+ TD season and nearly 3,500 yards, he led the Giants to victory in Super Bowl XXI. His Super Bowl effort (22-25, 268 yards, 3 TD, 0 Int) earned him MVP honors and it remains one of the best performances in league history.

He’d return to the Super Bowl again in 1990- Superbowl XXV, but due to a season ending injury earlier in the year, he sat on the sidelines while the team won 20-19. There were two bittersweet points to the season. First, before the injury, Phil was having one the best seasons of his career with 15 touchdowns and only 4 picks. Second and finally, his injury opened the door for Jeff Hostetler, who created a QB controversy, that was only amplified by the Giants victory in the big game. The latter proved to be his ultimate undoing. With Parcells retirement, Ray Handley- (his right hand man) stepped up to the plate to be coach. He named Hostetler starter, and Simms was back to square 1 fighting for his job. While there were some bright spots there, the team itself slipped into mediocrity. Simms still had one good season left in him though, and threw for 3,038 yards and 15 TDs, before retiring in 1994.

pin94 simmsSimms is a highly underrated quarterback who really has never gotten his due for his time playing for the Big Blue. He played 14 seasons, spanning 3 decades of football, and really  after the game slowed down for him, was an understated reason why the Giants became true contenders. A master of the audible, Simms could pick teams apart with his recognition of defensive alignments. A true pocket passer, Simms was oft-injured and frequently criticized for taking needless sacks to avoid an interception, but you can’t deny his abilities as a winner (95 wins) and playoff leader (Super Bowl MVP). Phil also was the 1985 Pro Bowl MVP, has had his number retired by the Giants, and is a member of the team’s Ring of Honor.  It really is an injustice that Simms is not in the Hall of Fame.

Phil has enjoyed a career as a color commentator in sports and NFL football. Well respected by most of the networks, Simms made the transition from a player to a broadcaster seem effortless. His sons, Chris (UT) and Matthew have both gone on to play quarterback in the NFL. He is also of a select group of players who show up in the original Tecmo Bowl and its sequel Tecmo Super Bowl.

G/Gs 164/159    Att 4647     Comp  2576     Yds 33462    Pct 55.4     Td 199    Int  157    Rat 78.5  |
Rush 349    Yds 1252     Avg  3.6    Td 6      Lg 28

Moon, Warren (2)

Cards: ProSet 1990 MotY, Score 1990 Hot Gun, Pro Set 1990
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 4/2  Received:  5/4   (32 days)
Previous Posting: Moon, Warren 12/12/10

When I was a kid, I got Warren’s autograph at training camp one year. While not afforded the opportunity to attend nearly everyday (such as in the case of Cowboys Training Camp in Austin,) I did make the best of it when I went to Oilers’ camp in San Antonio. The players were also kind enough as well and I would typically haul in 15-30 autographs a day when I’d go. I never held it against Warren that I couldn’t get his autograph more than once, but resisted sending out again in 2011 (-for fear that I wouldn’t get it).  I noticed a lot of multiple successes recently from the former Oilers great, and since I had gotten a lot of autographs from other members of the team, I thought I’d give it a shot. I sent out to his address in Kirkland, Washington but heard a week or two later that he had moved back to Southern California. With a lot of these successes happening in under 2 weeks, I got discouraged that I’d ever get the cards back.  It did take a bit more longer than usual, but postmarked from Santa Ana, Ca (lending creedance to the rumor he was indeed living here) I got Warren’s autograph on these 3 additional cards in a still brisk 32 days. He also included a business card for Warren Moon Enterprises- Sports 1 Marketing. You can follow him through Twitter at twitter.com/WMoon1, Facebook at facebook.com/HWarrenMoon1 or go to his website at www.sports1marketing.com where you can locate his physical address if you wish to get his autograph as well.